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Caption This #0942  

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Picture by stormy
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Ok I believe you, there is no fish in this bag
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I wanna go too... wherever you're going... unless it's the vet....
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I thought the choices were paper OR plastic!
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She'll never find me here
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Look… I realize that I am far more intelligent but come on how hard can it be? Repeat after me T-U-N-A F-I-S-H… write it down next time sheesh.
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I am NOT a bag lady!
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I know I need to go on a diet... but was 'double bagging' really necessary?
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You didn't get the treats I asked for, did you?
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went to the grocery store for vegetables came back with a cat man am I addicted.
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Sush... your ruining my escape plan
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I've heard of letting the cat out of the bag, but THIS is RIDICULOUS!
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It's all inside.
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Oh thank God this thing has a rain coat to, just in case
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