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Caption This #0941  

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Picture by snosrap5
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I'm trying to have a bath here, bugger off!
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I can touch my nose with my tongue.. can you?
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Your shoes were yummy!
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Hamster? What Hamster?
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*slurp...* What? If I don't clean that spot between my eyes I suppose your gonna do it for me!?
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Bet ya can't touch your nose with your tongue
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"It's true. Parrot's really do taste like chicken."
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Okay! Who put glue on my nose while I was asleep?
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Nyah Nyah *Insert childish phrase like "You can't catch me" here*
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Hey Baby...look at what I can do with my tongue!
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"Aaaah, that bird is MINE!"
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Birdie? What birdie?
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Yeah, well... nnnnnnn *sticks out tongue*
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Maybe I sthoudn't have thried to eat peanut butther.
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C'mon, I 'm a cat, how am I supposed to know that a Fuzzy Navel would have this affect on me?
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