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poem :)

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my husband just wrote this poem for me and i had to share

Of maidens fair and knights of old. There is a story to be told,
It parrallels us in this life, of one brave knight and his wife.

A dragon slayer and gallant was he, who would have the hand of felicity.
The most beautiful of maidens she, could have whichever man she pleased.

Twas his fortune that this day, a fair maiden he had to save.

At first sight they fell in love, it was a match made from above. Forever together they shall be , hand in hand down by the sea.

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aww thats beautiful!
are you going to frame it??
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i didn't think of framing it but he writes a lot of poems so maybe a mini-book

he wrote another really nice one a while ago but i'm not sure where it is, i'll post it if i find it.
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Awww!! your hubby must be such a sweetheart!
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Gosh! Can I have him?
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he's funny because he's blokey yet he's romantic too, he just says not to tell his mates or he'll never live it down
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Sounds a little like my Dad who on one occasion stopped at a lingerie counter to buy my Mom a little something in black lace. What was funny was that he just got off work (a machinist) and was still filthy from work.

Sigh. wish I had someone like your guy...
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Jeff once took a bra from my drawer without me knowing and went to Bra's and Things, he brought me a beautiful set of lingerie, i think the sweetest thing was the fact that he went through some effort to do it, apparently the sales girl told him 'don't tell your wife you took her bra'

once when i was working as a receptionist he stopped by my office with a bag, it had teddybear and a chocolate bar in it and he gave them to me in front of everyone which was especially cool because one of the girls watching was usually mean to me.

i found Jeff online...it's like shopping for a man
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Awwwwwww that's so sweet!!
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