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kitten thows up and has diarrhea

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one of the kittens is meowing and has diarrhea, he also throws up.
why would this happen?
what should i do?
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You need to get the kitten to the vet NOW. Throwing up and diarraha are signs of internal problems; and kittens can dehydrate very quickly and die. Please call your vet now and get the kitten in there before its too late.
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I agree. Vet trip NOW. Good luck and let us know how you make out.
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signs stopped for a while and just now kitten threw up again. now sings are not as bad and he drunk some catmilk. should i bring him to his mom so he can some real milk?
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You NEED to get the kitten to a VET now - not later - doesn't take very much to dehydrate a kitten and it die. How old is this kitten that its away from the mother? And if the mother is not nursing kittens, she won't have a thing to do with him.
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kitten is 9 weeks old, i force feed him with water, going to the vet in 1 hr.
he seems to be playful and ok, besides havein diarrhea and throwing up once in a while. the mother cat is 1 door away and they see her every day.
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At 9 weeks, most kittens have been weaned for a while, so just taking him back to momma isn't the answer. It's good that you're taking him to a vet - let us know what's said.
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ok vet said its prolly a food poisoning. checked the sugar and temp, everythging turned out to be ok. told me to give kitten peptobismol and some kind of drug, but i cant really feed him that stuff he bites and scratches. he also give him a shot of some salt solution since the kitten was lil bit dehidrated. kitten runs and plays and does not throw up anymore.
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Please keep an eye on your kitten. I had two 10 week old kittens start throwing up and having diarrhea, and sadly within a week they died. We think they had distemper. Keep an eye on how much he's drinking. If he stops drinking and/or eating, he needs to go back to the vet. At the end I was bringing them in for fluids every day because I couldn't keep anything down them and they had stopped eating and drinking.
Good luck with your baby.

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thank you, sorry for your kittens.
my kittens eat a lot of wet food and drink lots of kmr, but they almost dont drink any water at all. does this mean that they are getting enuff water from milk and wetfood?
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Take the KMR away (or just mix it in the food). Put a bowl of water down, the kittens WILL drink the water. I've had 5 week old kittens drinking water in addition to the nursing or eating wet food.

Make sure you change the water at least once a day or more if they get food in it. You need water so that you do not dehydrate.
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