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Hungry Puss

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Alfie is coming up to 1 now (time flies!) and he just wont stop eating, so much so I'm worried about him becoming a bit podgey!

I put food down for him and Jess and he'll eat his and Jess' and is always crying for more. Jess isnt a massive eater, she eats when she feels like it, but he wolfs it down and then eats hers, which makes me worry that Jess isnt eating enough because he eats most of hers!

He does need to be wormed soon, but could it be anything else? Is there anything I can do to stop him eating Jess' food?
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My Rascal is like that, his stomach is his best friend. I have taken to not feeding them right next to each other. Corty is like Jess, will only eat when she wants too, but Rascal would eat 24/7 if I kept feeding him. You could try feeding them in seperate rooms if you're really worried.

I figure it this way, if Corty is hungry and he starts in on her food, she'll let him know about it.
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My Rambo sounds exactly like your Alfie. I have taken to sitting between them when they get their wet food or else Rambo vacuums his down and then pokes his head under Lucky's to steal hers. Sometimes she fights back but usually she just walks away.

Maybe it's something with boys....bottomless pits!!
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