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My cat keeps sneezing

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Hello everyone havent been on in a long time . For the past couple of days Wendy my cat she keeps sneezing what should i do this has never happenend should i take her to the vet or what i dont know what to do what does it usaly mean whan cats sneeze alot please help thank you
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Hi! I dont' know what to tell you. Maybe she has allergies. I'd take her to the vet. I'm paranoid about my cats. I'd be a terrible mama. I practically freak every time my cats meow.
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Time to see the vet... it could be your cat( my Zoey sneexes twice every morning) it could be allergies or a uri
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My male kitten, 9 months old, has always been a sneezer (not sure that's a word..) from the day I got him. I asked the vet about it and he said not to worry, as long as he can breathe and doesn't exhibit any other signs, like not breathing well, etc. I find it a bit of a pain if he sneezes in my face, on my food, on my mirror, etc. But as long as he's healthy, I guess I can live with it.
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Bella and Cinders went through a phase of sneezing for a week and then just stopped. When our vet checked them out he said it was nothing to worry about as long as there was no discharge. They've started to do it again last week but their noses and eyes are clear and they are eating and pooping normally so I'm not worrying about it
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i guess it might be allergies she has no discharge at all thanks for all the answers i was a little worried
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Stevie use to sneeze frequently and I was just as worried as you are now. She never had any discharge and there are no other symptoms of illness so I chalked it up to a slight allergy. Then I read somewhere on this forum that it may be caused by litter dust (I was using Scoop Away). I switched to World's Best Litter (now switching to Vetbasis Herbal Cat Litter) and the sneezing has decreased significantly!! What litter are you using??
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