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Food for a cat allergic to fish?

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My poor Liberty she has a terrible fish allergy. She gets so sick from and it only takes a little for her to be very ill. I realized she had a major food allergy within a week of adopting her. It did not take much to realize it was fish. I bought the only thing Petco had in stock at the time that was fish free. Science diet Lamb and Rice. It is not as high quality of food as I would like her to be eating but so far I am having bad luck. She hates Wellness and California Natural. The only canned food she will touch is Merrick. However, she will only eat 3 oz once per week (will not touch it again for another week). I am part of the problem is she is scared of getting sick again (can't blame her). I understand Felidae is making a Chicken and rice dry food now. Does anyone know if it is any good? I am open to any suggestions. This is not a normal cat. She is allergic to fleas, fish and of all things cat litter. -LB
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We had a very ill cat a few years ago - they never knew quite what was wrong with him but allergy symptoms were among his issues. I tried a lot of foods and ended up on Natural Choice because they have nice plain foods with unique protein sources that our cat was unlikely to be allergic to. I believe we ended up with their lamb formula, but there was also an emu formula, at least at that time. I was about to try the emu when our cat took another turn for the worse and had to be put down, unfortunately.

Petfooddirect.com had the cheapest Natural Choice at that time (this was 4-5 years ago).
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there are a few of the drys without fish...
Natural choice ... the lamb is chn and lamb

Maxcat has a couple without fish

Natural balence makes a venison and pea

Royal canin s sensible choice ...

Felidea s new one is good ... I know the dog version my dog hated but the cat loved it ..

I think solid gold may be fish free but am not sure

do you know which fish or is it all fish???
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Here are a few fish free foods:

-Wellness Chicken Canned
-Wellness Super5Mix Adult Dry
-Wellness Super5Mix Lite Dry
-Wellness Turkey Canned
-Wellness Beef & Chicken Canned
-Eagle Pack Chicken & Lamb Canned
-Eagle Pack Duck & Oatmeal Canned
-Eagle Pack Turkey & Barley Canned
-Felidae Chicken & Rice Canned
-Felidae Chicken & Rice Dry
-Nutro (many formulas)
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Look for foods made by Nutro Max or Iams. My cats hated Science Diet but love NM and Iams. Look in the ingredients for anything that is related to fish. There are many foods out there that do NOT contain fish.
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My cats love Natural Choice And nutro has a decent variety to choose from.
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