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[quote=Zissou'sMom]At least she claims that the money she is making will go to fund her cat rescue.

I hope at least she also keeps the receipts available for people to see that she is actually spending the money on cat rescues, but then this would be an example of breeding your cats because of a cute trait to raise money for Cat Rescues...!! I don't buy it, and even though all my cats are rescues I also approve of breeding cats also, but not every single cute face!! (big fan of Bengals, Ragdolls, and few more) Out of everyone she should know the horrors and how many cats are euthanized every year. (8000 dogs and cats were put to sleep here in my city last year...and it is only a medium size...)

Oh yeah, two of my cats love to play fetch. . .they will bring their toy to me and wait impatiently for me to throw them. It is not that Uncommon of a trait but definately out of the norm.