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How your pet affects your life

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I've read about how pet owners tend to have lower blood pressure, less illnesses and the such. Well I wanna know if thats really true and would guys mind sharing your stories of how your pookie-pie,sweetie-puss, or kitty-bitty
has perhaps gotten you through a rough patch or just makes your days much better then when you were petless.
My first cat Autumn, helped me not feel so lonely during the Xmas holidays.
Layla makes my bad days dissapear and I find I sleep better and don't stay mad about stuff so long. Plus she's great company!
What about you?
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Layla looks like such a doll

Cats have always been such a big part of my life I can't imagine having a home without them. Reilly always makes me smile even when things are really bad and he is my constant best friend.
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I think pets are very grounding, meaning that when you feel stressed or out of sorts, you can look at your pet and see how simple it is for them...they just want you to be there for them, to have a happy safe place they can call home. And it is wonderful to know that you can provide that for them, and thats all they need to be happy. Your pets always love you, no matter what. They are just glad that you are there.
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Even tho I've only had Harley for close to a year now, he's my best friend - he knows how to cheer me up when I'm sad, and makes my everyday stress go away by meeting me at the front door just begging to be picked up and give me kisses, I can't imagine not having him!
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It's been tested - patting a pet lowers your blood pressure. It's soothing.
I get great cuddles from my boys, and they never fail to cheer me up. Hard to be grumpy with a big cuddly furkin purring away!
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I love my cat... simple as that. She is always there if I feel lousy or down - I've recently had a dose of shingles (which my doctor said I was lucky with because my body cleared it up very quickly on it's own with no medical help) and I'm sure that was down to the fact I had the cat to keep me going. I suffered a week or so of pain, and then I spent a weekend with fever and chills, throwing-up and the whatnot. I still have a little pain, but it's so much better now... anyway, I was in the apartment alone because Rune was away singing, and Tosca bless her little paws stayed with me the entire time. She sat on the bed with me and snuggled close when I was cold and when I got too hot, she headbutted me until I got up and got myself a drink. She was perfectly happy as long as she got fed and had her box cleaned, and in return for such a simple thing she gave me so much love and watched over me until I got better. (Then she buggered off again...) but still... that meant a lot She took very good care of me
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I call Muddy my "blood pressure medicine". Nothing calms me down quicker than when the little buy comes up to me, stands on his hind legs with his arms reaching up against me to pick him up and gives me that "pick me up now mom, I need to be loved" meow. Then there is Scarlett who snuggles in so tight and is so calm that most times she just purrs, kneeds me and sits with her tongue partly sticking out in complete relaxation. How can you not be calm with that?

Cats tune into you and mine will more often than not recognize when I've had a stressful day and do their best to calm me down.
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Our cats were great medicine for my Dad and his nerves. They could relax him quicker than his medicine.

But the most important contribution a cat made in our lives is - life! Tom Tinker (this was in the early 1960s) saved our family when something blocked our chimney and smoke filled the house. He woke Mom up (the smoke was just above her face) and she was able to get Dad up and they carried me and sis out of the house.
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When I'm working and I get stressed out over a search, Karma (dog) knows it. I love all my furkids, but Karma really "knows" my moods. The instant she senses I'm about to toss the computer out the window because I can't find a Deed I'm looking for, she sits under my desk, puts her chin on my knee, looks up at me and starts a whole body wiggle.

My gosh. How could you be stressed after that?
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Aw, it brings tears to my eyes reading these wonderful stories.
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To be honest, I think the cats all but saved our relationship. We were both uptight, irritable with each other, and generally pretty unhappy with our relationship even though we did love each other. Then a little black and white ball of feral-fur got stuck in between the walls of our apartment, and a little black fluffy boy soon came into our lives as well. Ever since then, we've been content in our lives and our relationship. I think they helped calm both of us down, de-stress our lives, and allow us to see what is really important in life - being able to just love someone else, whether human or feline.
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I don't know what I would do with out Conner. When I am happy, he is there to share it with me and be playful. When I am down, sad, depressed, or sick he is nurturing and curls up around me, licks me and rubs and purrs me to death. He also cheers me up by being silly and making me laugh when I need it most. When times were at there worst and I felt like just dropping off the earth, lol, he kept me grounded, because I knew I had someone to think about and take care of. I knew he needed me and I need him. I sound pitiful, but my Conner is like a soulmate, we just get eachother.
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If I am having a bad day or don't feel good, nothing cheers me up more than the sound of a cats purr
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Well..I really don't know how to explain the feelings I've had since my very first entered my life..I guess all I can really do is tell you the story.

I've been lonely ever since we moved to Mahomet IL. Mainly because I don't fit in with any of the crowds and never really tried to fit in either. High School isn't treating me well at all, and I felt extremely depressed and angry all the time. Well then came Mystik. I used to despise cats until Mystik came into my life. She pretty much was tossed to me by my sister. I couldn't bear to not take care of her she was such a sweetheart. The first time we met she bit me..not the angry bite but more of the playful "I love you." bite. Love bite. Since then I fell in love with her. She was my best friend and the only friend I ever needed. I felt so happy to come home and find Mystik waiting for me at the door. Then came the dreadful day when my sister took her back. I felt lonely, depressed, and angry all over again. I went back to my old gothic self and didn't care about nothing anymore. In fact..I just wanted to die I hated life so much.

My birthday came crawling up. I was still so angry I didn't even have a gift list. My sister called me up and told me to go onto the humane society page and told me to help her find a cat for her. Well since she already owned Mystik the tabby I was looking at other tabbys and telling her which ones I think would be good for her. Then she said the magic words, "This cat is for you." "Well in that case..I want a black one!" were the words that spilled out of my mouth. I went browsing black cats when I saw an adorable face that has been there for way too long..
His name was CJ. Been there since June 11th 2004. Lived his life as a stray, wasn't liked because he was black. Stupid superstisions is what was keeping this poor creature in the shelter, because most the people in my town are very superstisious. "I want this one!" was what I had said. On November 27th 4 days after my birthday, we made a trip to the humane society to check out my best friend. We took CJ out of his cage and carried him off to the accquantance room. When I set him down and sat on the floor he completely ignored my sister and my mother and went straight to me. He laid in my lap and licked my hand and give me a little love bite. A big bright smile sweeped across my face as tears of love streamed down my cheeks. "I want this one.." I choked out as I cried.
Then it became official, we paid the $75.00 for him and signed the adoption papers. On November 28th 2004, Jack Daniels Joe Mason became a Dossett.

A couple months later my sister wanted another cat. Her and her boyfriend went searching yet again in the humane society. They came across a long-haired tabby named "Bryan Wilson." Upon adopting him they named him "Marty." But then Marty became my cat and I changed his name to "Tracii Guns." Unfortunately he was murdered recently so he is no longer with us.

Even though Tracii is gone, my best friend is still here with me. I still have that special glow you only see from me when I am happy. As long as I have my Jack Daniels with me, the greatest birthday present, the bestest friend I have ever had, I will always be happy.

I hope this has answered your question and sorry for it being so long.
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My cats have always been wonderful releases for me. I've had cats since I was 2, so I don't remember being catless. Glory (RB) was my best friend during some very tough adolescent times. Very tough times. I miss her so much. Tiger (RB) comforted me a lot when Glory passed. She came sick shortly after Glory (we didn't see the signs) but she stayed with me till a few weeks after I got married.

Pumpkin and Bunny came the fall after Tiger passed away. They filled a big hole Glory and Tiger left at my parent's house.

Then Mooch and Noodles came into my life about a week before DH deployed to Iraq last April. They were defiantly good distractions for that lonely period of time. Other deployments depressed me to a point I couldn't function. I did much better this last time.
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Originally Posted by Lil_Axl_Gurl

I hope this has answered your question and sorry for it being so long.
That was absolutely beautiful. You should send that to a magazine!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles
That was absolutely beautiful. You should send that to a magazine!
I'm surprised anyone actually read all that!

I love writing
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When my ex-husband moved out and told me he wanted a divorce, I was so hurt and depressed, I may not have even come home if it wasn't for Oliver. (This was way before Tripod was born).
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My furbabies always make my days brighter and make me feel better whenever I'm feeling down. Even after a horrible day at work, when I open my front door and there are my two girls purring and mewoing away, demanding to be fed......all I can do is smile and say a silent "Thank-You" that I have these wonderful kitties!
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My cats and dog helped me cope so much with my divorce- living by myself for the first time in my life was made much easier by my furkids- Im never TRULY alone. My babies love me no matter what, absolutely, positively unconditionally When I come home thay are always happy to see me and of course I am always happy to see them! I think that's the great thing about pets- they love you and that never changes, it doesn't fade, go away or get bitter LOL I LOVE MY BABIES!!!!!!
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Oh,Lil Axl Gurl, that was a touching story
All you guys stories just make me wanna go pick up Layla and give her
many snuggles!
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