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Long time, no write!

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Well hello guys! It's been a long time since I've visited TCS, but they always come back, don't they! lol. Well here's a warm hello to all of the new members that I've missed getting to know, and a big "I've missed you!" hug to all the oldies but goodies!

I figured I should give an update since last time I was active in TCS, I was going through a catastrophical split, had no clue where I was going to live, and my baby, Conner, was sick. To sum it all up...emotional wreck. BUT, my life is stabilizing now. I am still in college and have made straight A's for the past couple semesters, even though I've had some rough times. I lived with roommates for a while to get by, but I just recently moved into a lovely apartment, it is an efficiency so it is small, but Hey, it's just me and the kitkat, so that's prefectly fine. I have enough room for a bedroom area and a living room area, and a nice kitchen with new full size appliances, so we are happy. But best of all,,,,it's all mine. No lousy boyfriend, no roommates! Conner is fantastic, since we live alone again, he has turned back into such a little momma's boy, he's a pest, but he's the prettiest pest I've ever seen, and you know I wouldnt have it any other way!

I have a job that I love, I work in an upscale retirement community where I get to be around amazing and fun people, host senior-citizens' activities, play on the computer, and work on homework late at night...exactly the job I need! I'm even taking kickboxing and pilates classes at the school a few days a week. So all in all my fellow catsters, I'm doing well. It's been almost a year since all of this mess. I almost couldnt see the light at the end of the tunnel, and felt very hopeless, because as many of you know, I don't have any family to fall back on. BUT, you guys were so fantastic, and gave me support and some very encouraging words that I valued and still value so much. And here I am, it has been a while, but I am making it and I'm honestly happy, in a way that I never was when I was with Tony, because he just wasnt the right one, it wasnt what I deserved or needed.

So, I am doing really well by myself, and am so overjoyed to be back. I don't have a computer at home, but I'm at work from 8am-8pm on Sat and Sun, and 4-11pm. Plus, I check the computers at school periodically through-out the week, so I hope to stay in touch this time!!!! I've missed you guys so much and I hope that all has been well while Ive been gone. I'll get updated pics up with in the week in the pic threads!

~~~Stevie & the furball
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Stevie, it's wonderful to hear that you are getting on so well. Welcome back. This really is a great community and it's encouraging to know that TCS helped you out when you had nobody to fall back on.

All my best wishes to you and Conner that your future will be fantastic.
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It's really nice to hear from you and to hear you are doing well!
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Hi Stevie,
Thanks for "stopping" by and giving us an update. I'm glad to read that your life is going good now as I remember your posts from that time period. And that TCS in a small way helped you.
Stop back soon!!
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Nice to see you back. I remember what a hard time you were having during your breakup. -glad you didn't become an ummmm...... dancer... of some sort like you were considering.
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Stevie, this is going to seem weird, but your name popped into my head when I was on TCS last week sometime. I was wondering how you were doing, I remember well your posts at that time, and that was the last we had heard from you.

Glad you're back, and that you and Conner are thriving! Hopefully you'll be able to squeeze some time to post from time to time.
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Aaaaw Sweetie, it's soooo good to see you back! It's wonderful to hear you're doing so well - it was definitely rough for you back then but it certainly sounds like you're coming through it in leaps and bounds and the best bit, with your head held high! Congratulations on your straight A's, that's some achievement

And special scritchies for the fuzzball

Wonderful to see you again hun!
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Aww im so glad to see you back

Many of us TCS'rs have gone through a rough breakup last year
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Stevie!!!! It's so great to welcome you and Connor back to TCS! How wonderful to hear you sounding so happy and positive and to hear that your beautiful boy is doing just fine too.
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Glad to hear things are finally going well for you.
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Aww, thanks so much guys for all your well wishes and welcomes. I am glad to be back! Kelly- Oh, that is so neat that you thought of me before I mosied back here! I appreciate your sentiments! And Fran, goodness, it seems like I missed a lot, I am so sorry to hear that others went thru some crap times too. And Ryan, umm, yeah, lol, for all my tough talk I don't think I had the guts.

Again, thanks guys! I am so glad to see familiar people and so many new guys. But most especially, I am enjoying getting my fix of all your beautiful babies that I have missed seeing!
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Hey Stevie - I remmeber you!

Just saw one of your posts on another thread and realised you must be back!

Glad everythings worked out for you in the end.
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Stevie! I'm so happy to see you here again, and even more pleased to hear how well your life is going now. Connor sounds just as sweet as ever.
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