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dog has scabs?

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I didn't even know we had an "other animal" section on here. Man I need to look around more

Ok so, Boo (aka Buddha) is my 1.5 yr old Newfoundland/Lab mix. He's a BIG boy! I always seem to find tiny scab crusties around his neck. Weird. But I chalked it up to him wrestling with Karma (2.5 yr old Greyhound/Lab mix). They play pretty rough, but they kind of have their own language about it so each one can tell the other when its gone too far and they stop.

Then this morning, my bf pointed out that Boo had one heck of a big scab about 2 inches below his collar (give or take) so its sort of between his neck and shoulder blade. But, the dogs weren't wrestling lately, so now I need to start looking into other causes. Any ideas on this?

His collar isn't too tight and it's too much below his collar for that to be the problem. He's really a couch dog and spends most of his life either taking up my entire couch or sleeping under my desk. Doesn't really go out much (by his own choice)... it's just baffeling!

Oh, and no, I don't beat my dog... (Not to say you'd think that of me. But if someone I didn't know said their dog had "mysterious scabs" I might think it too )

Or, oohh! Do you think this could be from the cat scratching him? I've never seen her do it, but she does have a bit of an attitude and I could see her scratching him if he really annoyed her.
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Could he be scratching himself?
I know my boy's itchiest spot is under his collar and man the faces he makes when it gets scratched.
Sometimes when an itch feels oh so good to scratch, they just can't stop.

I'm sure you suffer no lack of humidity where you are, but here, it gets really bad for Bear in the winter, he's just one big, itchy dog until his spring bath.
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I would look into food allergies, or fleas. Both can cause serious itching problems.
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Time to talk with the vet ... could be allergies ( food or otherwise) could be mites fleas ... shampoo
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No fleas on him and he was checked for food allergies when he had a spot on his paw that he was chewing constantly - turned out to be a cut on the pad from walking in my parking lot.

Scratching tho - that's a theory I hadn't looked in to yet. Hmm.. I'll have to keep an eye on him.

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Is his collar on all the time? If so you might want to take it off in the house to let his neck "breathe" with him beeing a newfoundland mix, I'm sure theres alot of hair there,and with a collar beeing on all the time he could sweat there, or it could make him itchy .
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