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The Grumpy old fart!!

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Having spent 5 and a half hours this evening pounding the streets,posting 300 lost cat leaflets through peoples letterboxes in the dismal cold and rain.

I was relieved when i was on the last eight houses when this oldish(maybe 60)man came out of his house and said

'Whats all this about then?... ' I asked him if he owned a cat and if he had lost it, he replied 'what would i want a cat for GRRROWL' and he screwed up the leaflet and threw it at me...

well !! I turned to him and said 'WELL,I am sure if you HAD a cat it would have run away long before now,ya miserable old .

people like that really get to me!! and I bet he moans about the younger generation having no respect for their elders.

Sorry older people,no offence,I do know he is an exception

Oh,if anybody would like to send him some junk mail just let me know and i'll gladly pass on his address

so now i'm just chillin'
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OH Diana, don't let people like that bother you.......your right, he's a grumpy old fart.
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You know he's probably a gumpy old fart because he doesn't have a cat!!, (there is something very odd about people who don't like animals IMO!!)
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
You know he's probably a gumpy old fart because he doesn't have a cat!!, (there is something very odd about people who don't like animals IMO!!)

Yeah ,you're right,they are very odd

And yeah Susie,I've forgotten about him already Though i think thats partly to do with the beer
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That never fails to amaze me... tehre are a lot of eldery people around where I used to live who were exactly the same. They complain that they don't get respect from younger generations and yet they're not prepared to GIVE any respect - they seem to believe that they deserve respect for no other reason than the fact that they're old. Uh huh. Doesn't work like that I'm afraid.

He's a miserable old git... ignore it!
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He must be a very lonely man. I pity him.
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That's just uncalled for, isn't it?! He's definitely a grumy old man with too much time on his hands to grumble at everything!

Glad the beer sorted you out though!
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He, he, when I read ‘Grumpy old fart’ I thought the post must be referring to me!

Yes we do tend to get a little cantankerous as we age. Your old fart does seem to take the biscuit though. Mind you, I was nearly as bad when my doctor’s receptionist phoned to tell me I had got a long awaited appointment.

I had been plagued with telephone sales calls mostly from one lady with a Scottish accent. Unfortunately the doctor’s receptionist also has a Scottish accent. Oh dear, was I shame faced when I realized my mistake.
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Throwing the leaflet at you was a little uncalled for!

When i worked at a restaurant this old lady would come in EVERY DAY at 12pm and order one packet of fries and argue with me over the price. Why come in everyday if they are too expensive?

I started off trying to be nice to her but after 3 months of it, having her full on shout at me over the price of a small fries I told her that if she couldnt be nice not to come in.

I didnt see her again - she sure showed me! NOT!
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It is strange ,especially as the houses that i thought...ooh they look really rough 'n' mean...maybe i'll skip their house .....well they were really nice...and very helpful

Just goes to show....You never can tell....Grumpy old fart could have given my leaflet back though....I could have done another house with that

P.S the beer was great
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Some people are just rude. When our daughter was in Brownies, my husband took her around our neighbourhood canvassing for cookies - one man came to the door and was using the most foul language to her. My husband was waiting at the sidewalk area and my hubby (being the nice guy he is) told the guy he didn't need to talk like that in front of a child. The guy just went inside and closed the door.
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