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Attacking cat

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Hello All

My kittens are just over six months old now and we want to start letting them out during the day while we are not in the house. The trouble is we have a nasty cat in the neighbourhood that attacks them even when they are in our garden. We have already had one of the kittens put onto antibiotics after he was bitten and today the other one got attacked and has a bad paw.

I was just wondering if anyone knows of a way I can keep this nasty cat away from our garden in order for my boys to build up confidence and start exploring???

Any help appreciated,
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Cats are safer and live longer healthier lives being in door cats. I can't think of any way you can protect your cats from the neighborhood bully except by not letting them out. After having two attacks I would not let them out.
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I agree, if you really must allow them to go out, please enclose your garden. If you enclose it the "bully" cannot get to them!
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Yes, I would definately NOT let them outside at all either. My cats and plenty of other peoples cats are happier and safer inside. There is no need to let them out, especially that young. Are the neutered yet?
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Yes they have both been neutered and love to play in the garden. If I see that other cat I scare him away so hopefully he will get the message that my garden is not part of 'his patch'.

I don't really want to keep them in the house forever, but for the foreseeable future I think this is the only option.
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