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Still stuffed up??

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Squiggles is being a really good mommy still, but I got NO SLEEP...
She wont shut up...It doesnt really sound like a painful meow, but like I need your help..
Their box is right beside my bed, which I thought was ok, but thats not enough for her, she kept jumping up on my nightstand, right at my head and kept on meowing. I like in an apartment, and it was so loud and constant I can promise neighbors heard it..
No matter what I did, she might stop for a while, but then she was right back at it...
Wondering if maybe she has a blockage or something..No bowel movements since we got home, and I know that probably emptied her alot...But she's been eating, Im almost scared to feed her now...
Should I do laxatives, or softeners, or give it awhile ??
Anyone know what all them noises are??
Im glad I took her yesterday, but I thought maybe we could both rest after that.

Since she is doing well nursing I am worried about giving her meds of course, but...I dont want it to get to the point where the only option is enemas or surgery
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Should I do laxatives, or softeners, or give it awhile ??
Please do not, under any circumstances, give any medications to your cat without doctors supervision. Especially medications meant for humans.

I have heard that a teaspoon or two of canned pumpkin (plain, not pie mix), added to their food, can help add the fiber they need if they get backed up. But at this point, you don't know that she is constipated. Is she crying or straining in the litter box?

I am not sure where you took her yesterday, the vets office? Is she usually a very vocal cat?

If anything, a call to the vet is in order if you are concerned.

I am sure some more experienced people will come along soon and give you better advice, I just wanted to comment that giving her laxatives, stool softeners, ect....very bad idea unless your vet prescribes her something along those lines.
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Just read your other posts, so you did take her to the vets yesterday and he gave her an enema because she was constipated, right? I'm sure that cleaned her out good and I would not be surprised if she doesn't need to go again yet.

What sort of after care did they suggest? Did they tell you what to expect now? I guess i would just give them a call and ask what you should expect and what to do if she doesn't become regular again soon.
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He told me she would be fine, not to change food or anything...
The not going yet, isnt that concerning, because...of what she had done yesterday..
But this vocal stuff is crazy, its like a have a newborn baby, shes never been vocal unless in heat, and it wasnt half this bad

remind you, she was a stray, and has a "boyfriend"...
She used to come up to my porch and hang out, but with 2-3 vocal noises she would call him and he would come get her, and off they would go...and the noises werent anything compared to this
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Was she kept inside while she was in heat? Maybe she's in heat again? It can happen quickly after kits are born.
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im not sure what she was ...before 2 months ago...obviously her owners didnt keep her in , if she has a little baby now..and if she is now living with me...
She might be in heat again...like when it started she would go to the box and meow, like she was talking to the baby, which i thought was normal..
But now its non stop, all through the house, today is the first day I really have to leave, and hopefully it will be ok, this morning I went to take my son to the bus stop, and came in(live in an apartment building) and I could hear her down stairs, at the main door...she flips if you leave now...

I thought about taking her with me, but cant leave the baby home, so that wont work, and even thought its 70degrees today, i wont take that baby anywhere....soooooooo owell, hopefully she will get over it..

Anyways I thought she was meowing because of constipation maybe too, but we finally got the first poop this morning, never thought I would be that excited..I knew her enema on friday would empty her out, but, I was waiting for something all weekend...
Only problem now is her eating, she drinks fine...But either shes really picky now, or doesnt want to eat...
I've gotten an "ok" amount in her, but no wonder it took 2 days to go potty, she isnt eating much to go...
I was thinking maybe she was scared to eat, then poop, after birth and the enema , I wonder if she is guarding her body from anything else happening...

One thing I am concerned with too, is sometimes when she eats, or I am just watching her, her back kind of jumps, like from mid tummy, to neck area...
Its almost like a hick-up kind of thing..but I wonder if she is having a digestive problem
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I would keep the possibility of heat in the back of your mind. Not sure if thats it, as she just had the enema but it sure sounds like heat. I didn't know if you had seen her in heat when she got pregnant thats why I asked as every cat is different. They can go into heat almost immediately after having babies. Sometimes cats eat less when in heat as well (mine does), but may not be good if she is nursing.
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