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Toys with feathers?

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I bought a new doorknob hangy toy for Sam today, and there are feathers on it.

He managed to rip a few of them off within 15 seconds or so. Do they pose a hazard? They're quite large, about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. Should I cut them off?
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Mine often rip the feathers off toys and sometimes chase them and play with them. As far as I know there is no hazard - I have seen feral cats with feathers sticking out of their mouths from birds they are eating!
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I don't see a problem with natural feathers, although I don't believe I would want a cat to eat a huge one when no one was at home to supervise. The issues I have with the toy feathers is that many of them are dyed quite deep colors and ingesting dye is good for nobody, and sets off allergies in many animals.

I tend to err on the side of caution so I pick up and discard any feathers that come loose from a toy, and I hide feathered toys when I am not around.
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If there is a chance that my kitties will eat the feathers on a toy...
I cut them off because they usually have dye and other chemicals on them.
That does not sound healthy to me.
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I don't think these are dyed, but I can't tell really. They seem like normal brown feathers to me.

I've been picking them up after he rips them off, but he seems to lose interest in them at that point anyway. He'd much rather chew on the vaccuum cord! (a constant battle. This cat loves plastic.)
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My friend gave me a bunch of peacock feathers (her friend owns the peacocks) and since they are totally natural, I don't worry about the cats with them. I do, however, put the feather wand and the loose feathers away during the day when we aren't here to supervise.
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I think if they're not dyed and he's not injesting them, it's ok. Puppy just likes to chew on the remanents of retired "Da Birds". Once the shaft is sufficiently broken from his chewing, he ignores them.
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