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Udder/Spay Sway Question

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I am concerned about Twitch's "udder". It seems to hang down further than it used to. There also seems to be less hair or the hair is thinner. She has the "standard" incision from a spay(in the center). I noticed a difference in her udder about a week ago, but dismissed it as nothing. I really noticed it during her bath tonight. It is a lot more poochy than it used to be. Is this normal? Is it just a fat build-up? My mom tried to make me feel better by telling me it is a normal fat deposit cats develop, but I am still not sure. She is only 3(almost 4) years old. She was spayed when she was 7 months old.

I considered taking her to the vet, but I don't know if I can even get her in tomorrow morning. She would, more than likely, have to wait until Monday to get in to see her vet. I won't be able to get in tomorrow unless this is an emergency.
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Is Twitch acting normal in other ways??? I would make a monday appt if possible the thinning hair is what bugs me
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We went to the vet about this very issue today. My vet told me that it was just fat and that we needed to cut back on Hannah's food a bit and exercise her a little bit more. She only needs to lose about 2 lbs.

I have also heard that kitties who are spayed and have never had a litter of kitties have the sag, while kitties who are spayed after having a litter are less prone to the sag.

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Spirit has had it since I picked her up as a 5 week old kitten, and Cali has one and she has had kittens before I took her in. I think some cats have it and some don't, Milo also has one and he's never had kittens (being a boy and all).
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Bijou has one and he's a male.
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