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Please, quick!! Re: pink eye in dd?

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I need to know whether this may be a bacterial pink eye or not:

She was pink in one eye this morning, and more red now in the evening. Meaning in the white of the eye. It is not draining at all, but starting to itch, and hurting if she rubs it. She's almost 8 yrs old. She just started a cold, but I understand that if it's a viral infection in the eye due to a cold, it's likely to be in both eyes and not just in one.

Do you know if a non-draining red eye can be bacterial? Or is it likely to be viral?
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From my understanding, bacterial conjunctivitis usually has a goopy discharge - yellow or green even (especially in the morning when a child first wakes up.) They are all contagious, but I THINK that they usually treat only the bacterial ones. That said, many doctors give antibacterial drops either way because it can be hard to tell a virus from a bacterial infection. Most schools etc. don't like kids with pinkeye around until after they've had treatment for 24 hours. If it were me, I'd see how she seems in the morning. Maybe take her in if her eyelids are matted together.
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Just wanted to double check...you're asking about your daughter, right?
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Just wanted to double check...you're asking about your daughter, right?
I sure hope so, that's the way I read it!
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I'd say for your daughter's sake, get her to a doctor. All the time she is rubbing her eyes and is in discomfort - she is putting herself at risk of spreading any contagious infection to the other eye. Bacterial conjunctivitis does have a goopy green and yellow discharge - and that's very very uncomfortable - but sometimes it starts just as an itch as well. Believe me, my son and I have suffered this one often enough! That is contagious, and I started with just the one itch - and by the time I'd realised what was going on, I was in ER getting horrible eyedrops and having patches over both eyes. Yes, I was blind for a few days until I could un-gum my eyeballs.

I don't know about pink-eye... I'd guess that that was something to do with the little blood vessels in the eye - I spent a few very uncomfortable weeks with a completely red eyeball afer I managed to burst the blood vessels in my right eye - it takes a long time to fade, going out like a really slow bruise - and even now I have a slight yellow tinge in the corner of the eye (I burst the vessels in June). If she's been sneezing or coughing a lot, that could do it - I actually got mine by simply throwing-up. It's not pleasant.

Definitely a doctor would be best to advise you - but the sooner the better. Even if it's something really simply treated and non-threatening etc, it would be best for your little lassies comfort. Hope she ges well soon!!
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OKay, I'm a little late on here...

I've had both kinds of pinkeye... Get her to the doctor, no matter which kind it is. There are drops that'll help both. Whatever you do, don't let her rub both eyes with the same hand... she can make it spread.

Bacterial is icky to have. I had it in 4th grade, in both eyes... had to stay home for two weeks because my eyes were swollen and stuck shut (from the ooze). I now know a hint of what it's like to be blind.

i have had viral twice in my life... the last time only a few years ago. I worked at a hospital (in the kitchen) at the time... so they sent me upstairs to the ER. I was sent home with drops and it cleared up in less than a week.

Take her to the doctor...

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And don't forget to have her wash her hands a lot, don't let other people use her towel or pillowcase, and everyone else wash their hands a lot, too! Extremely contagious!
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How is your daughter? I hope she saw the doctor...I'm sure it needs treatment.
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Thank you so much for your advice! And yes, it's my human daughter I'm talking about...

I decided to call the doctor's office the next morning, but before I got that far she had gotten up and her eye was 90% better!!!!! I didn't expect that! It was still very faintly pink, but since it has such improvement on it's own, I decided to let it be. She continues to do great! I've seen viral and bacterial eye infections in my kids before, but never this. I don't understand what happened to her eye, especially since it was the whole eye (the white) and not just one little area.

Oh well, I'm glad she is so much better!

Thank you for your replies! It is so nice to be able to consult with someone, and get some tips on what to do. And not be alone, wondering...
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