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I've lost him already! :S

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I put Corty and Rascal into my room when I brought him home, so he could have a bit of an explore....I put him down and went to the bathroom, when I came back he is no where to be found!?! I know there is no way for him to have gotten outside......but cant find him. I am guessing he's found somewhere comfy to sleep. I just dont want to let the other guys out into the main part of the house, just in case. I tried shaking his food to see if I could get him to come out. Anyone have any other ideas on getting him to come out of hiding???
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Are we talking a tiny kitten here, or full grown?
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He's 12 weeks old. So not tiny tiny, but small enough lol.
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Oh they can find lots of good places to hide at that age. As long as your sure he couldn't have gotten outside, just give him some time and I'm sure he'll come out!
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Yup. What MNN said.

Our Junebug, (now 10 mos.) when she was 10 weeks old, got wedged behind the headboard of the bed and the wall. A mere one inch was all the margin she needed to explore that space. Luckily, we discovered this less than an hour following the disappearance. She kept vanishing after that in new and creative ways never invented before or since.

DO search thoroughly. They can get into trouble a lot faster than they can get out of it.
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Hmm, this may sound mean, but I bet if you turn the vaccuum on, the kitty will come out of hiding.

I just notice that when I vacuum, my cat takes off in a hurry..

Hmm, on second thought, I wouldn't the poor thing to be scared...maybe don't listen to me
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I'm not quite sure how this is a behaviour thread, but ok......

I found him, went to get him some food, had him in my arms, picked up the bag of dry food, he freaked at the noise, took off, taking a decent slice of my finger with him I hope he's going to adapt ok.....
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Sounds like he's a bit skittish at the moment, which is perfectly acceptable. Expect for him to be a little freaked out for awhile- it took Emma nearly a full year to not run everytime she heard a noise. She hid in between our shower curtains for at least the first two weeks we had her.
Take it slowly, especially when introducing him to your other cats or pets, if there are any. Once he knows that he is safe he will start to mellow out a bit. To soothe him, try using the Feliway plug-ins- searching the site for Feliway will turn up lots of threads where it is mentioned. Speak to your kitty in a soft, low voice, and if he seems really overwhelmed let him be alone in his room for awhile--keep him in a small space for now.

Good luck, I'm sure he'll be cuddly and purry in no time.
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When i first got teufel i lost him with in a few hours! i was crying!!! i thought he jumped off the balcony or out of the 5th floor window..
two hours later i hear this little cry so i searched and searched and found him in my bottom desk draw He is now full grown and still manages to get in there!
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I found Jupiter in a boot (shoe) when he was a baby!

And in the towel cupbaord, behind a book, cereal cupboard, boxes etc!
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My advice? Check under the furniture, no matter how small the space. I had a kitten over a year old be able to fit under a cabinet when there was only about an inch of room underneath! So, yeah, I would check anywhere like that.
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Great that the little fellow showed up. First places I would look would be the dangerous ones, washing machine, tumble dryer, refrigerator.
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Take a flashlight and start looking in, on, around, and under EVERYTHING. Kittens can flatten themselves out and crawl under/into very small places. Check under dressers, beds, closets, sofa, chair, china hutches - anything that has a space of about an inch high to get into.

Our one litter of barn kittens mangaged to go down inside the heating duct (except 2 of them). We had just brought them inside to litter train/wean and I had them in a carrier (all scared). I told our two boys NOT to open the carrier (it was in the bathroom). The heating register grate was loose in that room. But hardheaded kids do not listen! One of them opened the carrier to play with them and being scared they took off and knocked the grate off - 2 got scared and ran the other way - the other 4 went down in the duct. You could see them but they would not come to you.

SOOOOOOOOOO my husband and son had to get under the crawl space and "scare" them back out - one of us had to try and catch them if they came by. Ended up that they had to take apart part of the duct in the middle and grab them and pass them over to me.

Not a fun day - I chewed the boys out for not listening to me - BTW they were teens so its not like they were 4 or 5 yr old kids
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this sounds very familiar. When i found lucky she was only around 4 weeks old. She spent the first two weeks in the bathroom to keep her out of trouble. When i let her out to explore she disappeared. Turns out she could fit under the couch (1 inch gap) and loved to limbo under there and keep an eye on things (and occasionally swat your ankle). I was afraid to sit on the couch until i knew where she was. LOL...i kinda miss the kitten antics!
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