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New cat just arrived

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I caught a goodlook at her before she scampered under the house. A very pregnant white kitty with one green eye and one blue eye. Looks like the kittens could arrive any day, unfortunately this little girl Caspia looks like she is not even a year old. I pushed some food and a blanket underneath the house in the hopes that she will use the blanket for protection and warmth. Give her a good thought will you? She looks wilder than a march hare should I dare approach her.
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Good thoughts are one the way to the new kitty (and kitties).
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Good thoughts coming your way from me and my kitties. Let us know if she has her kittens.
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Looks like she knew right where to go! Keep us posted on her progress.
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Best wishes to her. Please keep us posted on her!
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Good luck, Hissy!! She knew to come to you it seems!!
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Good luck, Hissy! She sounds like a very pretty cat, especially with the 2 different eye colors!
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Daniela's right! They always seem to know where to find the kind hearts! Now the battle for trust begins.
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I have no doubt that you will win her over Hissy. Good thoughts and positive energy is coming to you, her and her babies!
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She sounds beautiful, with the different colored eyes! I hope you can make friends with her...if anybody can, you can! You have such a way with animals!
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She had her kittens!! I went under the house tonight to leave food and she was nursing. I see 3 white ones, a black and white one and a black one I think? She is so scrunched up in the corner spitting and hissing like a tiger, it was hard to tell. I hope she calms down, but I backed away as fast as possible, I DO NOT want her moving those kittens!
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It's too bad she won't let you near her, just to make sure everything is ok. I can only imagine how scary this must be for her to be alone, young and nursing a litter of kittens. Maybe with time she'll let you get closer.

Funny how she came to your house, hmm?
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my husband swears there must be signs left somewhere in a cat underground railroad saying "go here she is nice, she feeds, she doesn't yell, she loves you......" lol
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WOW!! Good thing she came to your house to have her babies!!
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Oh, Hissy, how lucky she found you!

I hope you will be able to get those kittens, eventually, when they're weaned and all.

And that poor mommy, I hope she comes to trust you.

Baby kittens. How sweet.
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That new mom must be so scared! At least she found you, Hissy. She has a good chance at a decent life for herself and her babies now. Hopefully she will stick around long enough to find out what love really is.
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Oh Hissy! Seems I'm joining in late but I wanted to send my well wishes to mom and babies and you (because I know you must be worried for them). Can you tell if she is eating the food, is she using the blanket?
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Hey Hisy - don't forget that big old invisible sign that is on top of your roof too! And you have to tell the horse to stop winnying your name out loud so much!
Actually, she made a great decision to give birth with you. My thoughts are with you and the critters tonight.....

Ready - Set - Hissy Grab!
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she has moved her babies. I know from past experience looking for these newborns will just mean she will move them again. I am hoping she will stick around and eat with the rest of the crew and bring the babies over when they are old enough.
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It's unfortunate, but you knew it was a possibility when you found them.

you are a free source of quality food, I'm sure she didn't go far!
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Any sign of the momma the past couple of days?
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