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Olivia is missing

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My parent's cat Olivia is missing. Mom and I checked all over the house several times and can't find her. Olivia was my aunt's cat till my aunt couldn't keep her in her apartment. Mom didn't notice she wasn't there right away because she typically is off sleeping somewhere. But after a while when she hadn't come out Mom started looking. When I stopped by a bit ago I looked too. Mom and I have both been outside looking. Olivia hasn't been allowed outside but my step siblings have no regard for that so it's possible she got let out. Fortunately she isn't declawed, but she also hasn't been spayed yet. (she's over 1 now too! don't get me started on THAT one!)

My parent's are going away this weekend too. So I'll be going over looking for her a lot. Can't count on my step siblings to feed the animal or take the dogs out as much as needed so I get to go make sure. Yay. I don't feel too worried about her yet. It's in the 70's here. She's a skinny thing though. I'm more so worried that she found herself a new home or she'll come back pregnant. Which would be bad because she does have a heart condition. Please say some prayers Olivia comes home real soon and not pregnant! If she is, she will be spayed immediately! Either way she better be spayed immediately!
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Ok....Olivia has been found, but I am furious at this point. My 19year old step brother came home from work and Mom asked if he'd seen Olivia his response was typical of him, 'I killed her and stuffed her in a trash can!' Then he went into the family room (which only has one exit) and when he came back out she followed him. This means she was either 1. locked in her kennel which was stored in there on a shelf, or 2 locked in the entertainment center which has a small cabinet. It also means he KNEW where she was...and that she's probably been there about 5 hours at least. How cruel is that? I did search the back room, but we never use that entertianment center so I never thought to check that cabinet. And Oliva is very quiet, so I never heard her if she meowed and I didn't think to look on a shelf inside her kennel. I mean she would not be able to get in there by herself!

I very much doubt he'd actually kill her, he mostly says stuff like that intentionally to hurt my mother. (my stepfather is out of town, but this is nothing new, just doesn't get said in front of him) I am so upset. Now I deffinatley will be spending most of my weekend there making sure they are ok.

Mom also said the new thing is shutting the door at the top of the stairs, which means poor Bunny gets locked up there too and is running for the litterbox when mom gets home. There is no purpose for that. Only my parent's and step sister's room are up there and they both have doors! I am just so mad! How much longer can we, especially my mother, put up with this!?! I do not have the option of taking them here for the weekend. My house is just too small for 5 cats and 2 dogs (esp since they don't know eachother). Plus they aren't the smallest dogs and I'd need permission.

It is just pathetic that an 18 and 19 year old can't be trusted to take care of them for a weekend or a few days. And the way my mother is disrespected, well I'm about ready to have a talk with my stepfather myself. The problem I feel there, is that I'm getting real close to overstepping my boundaries too. But now that it's even escelated to concern for the girls (and Pumpkin), I just don't know how much longer I can take this. The other people at work are forever telling my Mother they don't know why she takes it and how she puts up with it. It always ends up a 'these are my kids' arguemnt, exactly what they want! But I was never allowed to be just my mother's kid when I was living at home of course! And I never dared any of the crud they pull!

Ok sorry....it's just an old festering sore for me. If you made it to the end of all this, thank you for listening! I'm just relieved she is ok. Poor baby!
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Such a frustrating situation and I have no advice so all I can offer is I'm glad she didn't get out and that you will be able to check on them during the weekend. It sounds like he has some misdirected anger but it really irritates me when people take something like that on innocent creatures.

Keeping you and Olivia and the other animals in my thoughts.
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I'm really glad to hear Olivia was found, but what a strange boy that step brother is.
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Glad that she is "ok". I know how frustrating it is as I have to deal with a similar situation. Hugs.
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Thanks for the well wishes everyone. It is so frustrating, but situations like this are nothing new. They've been going on for all 11 years of my parent's marriage. Hopefully soon they will grow up and we can get along and not have to worry like this.
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I'm glad to read that she was found safe. Whats up with your step-siblings treatments of animals though??? Its sounds like they don't care-which is terrible IMO!!
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I'm so glad that she was found safe and sound. I hope that they call on you anytime they need catsitting or help. Obviously your step brother can not be trusted!
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He's the sort of step brother i'd love
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I'm so sorry you and your Mom, and her animals, are going through this! It is pretty disturbing for a child (or teen) to act out against an animal. Cruelty to animals is just not a good sign.

Neglecting the animals because he wants to pester your Mom is one thing, but to lock them away for hours is bizarre. Definitely encourage your Mom and step Dad to seek help for him, and let them know what he is doing.

What a situation!
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