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The birth

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Please don't think I'm a total idiot, but how messy is the birth exactly? Obviously there will be blood and body fluids (I'm in the medical profession so this doesn't bother me), but if she has the kittens while we are at work I'm just curious about the clean up later. We confine Bailey to the front of the house (no bedrooms, just living area and kitchen) while we are gone to limit the number of places she might choose and we set up a comfy box in the utility room, but you never know where she might choose to labor. Anyhoo, I'm just a little curious.

I was also wondering about the week following the birth and how much vaginal discharge to expect, etc. I just want to be prepared since I've never had a PG animal before and I think she's getting really close.

Thanks for your advice!
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There is a little blood so where ever she chooses to deliver will need to be protected with something you don't mind being permanantly stained ... but most of the other stuff is cleaned up by the Momma cat. There really isn't a lot unless she chooses not to eat the placentas.

As for vaginal discharge, there will be a few little drops for about 10 days, so again, where ever you allow her to go should be where it is easily cleaned.
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Usually a birth is minimally messy but it's also not something you'd want on your good bedspread if you can help it.
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