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Pizza bolted outside the VET Hospital 2 days ago....

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Hi....I just want your opinion on this. I have been to many sites but so far it's not help much and I need people to brainstorming about this problem as much as possible.

My cat was pregnant and had a cold. So I took her to the VET 2 days ago. Today is the 3rd day now. It was her first time to got out of my house area, and also her first time to visit the VET. So when I tried to took her out to check her weight on a scale, she paniced and bolted. After trying to catch her twice, she finally crawled inside the crack below the sidewalk. The side walk is next to the fence. The fence is next to another sidewalk outside, then it's a main street with heavy traffic.

I have waited for her there from 8AM-6PM. Called for her to comes out and pour a canned cat food to lured her out, but there is no sign of her at all. I also went there again at 10PM but the food and the water in the two bowl is still untouched. The traffic is still very heavy though.

The hole is long, deep and dark. The gap between the fence is too small to sit and grab a thing inside. Let alone, see what's inside there. I'm not sure she was still there or not. There is a possibility that she snuck out while I try to looked in the hole and called for her or maybe she scared and afrid to come out.

The hospital staffs said she will come out eventually at night, looking for food and all, but I afraid that she will walk over to the main street and get run over or stuck there have a heat stroke and die inside that crack. I did gives my cat's description to few security guards there and out a few flyers there to inform people about her missing.

I have not go to the hospital today. Thought I could go there but my mom said the traffic's heavy and she was too tired to drive me there-she thinks it's dangerous for me to go there alone, especially in the night. I also can't go there today too, because my mom has other business to do and she doesn't feel great leave me alone there at dawn. We are going there again on Sunday, in the very early morning though.

Do you think there is a chance that she still make it? What do you think will happens to her? Do you think that there is a chance she will eventually comes out and hide in someplace in the hospital area?

There was another patient's cat that get loose, but the guard find him in 3 days on the tree. Waiting to be feed. Do you think there is a chance this kind of thing will happens to my cat too?

My cats lives outdoor (mom doesn't allow them to stay inside), but we have a huge garage/garden that somewhat similar the jungle and they never venture far away from my home. The farthest they wanders around is in front of my house's gate.

I feel so guilty. She sneezes but it's not that often. Infact, it seems like she is going to recover by her own, but I still insist to everyone in my family that we MUST take her to the VET. She was very attached to me when she was home, followed me everywhere. She likes to jump to sit on my laps, loves to sit and sleep next to me. Yet, I betrayed her trust, make her scared, makes her suffer in that hole and now she might possibly be dead.

Do you have any idea to solve this situation?

Note: Unfortunately, there is no animal shelter in the area I live-I live in Southeast Asia at the moment. I also don't know how to make a humane trap. The store and shops here don't sell the trap for cat either.

So...any idea? i am pretty much think that she might be dead now. Should I keep on my hope or just let it go.
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i would sprinkle some flour or icing sugar around the hole,that way if she is still in there you will know if she is trying to get out when it is quieter and there is nobody there.
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also could you borrow a camera with a flash and put your arm in the hole to take a photo,you might be able to see if she is still there.
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Oh No...how sad.
I hope that you are able to find her.
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The hole is too deep and dark. I already put some food and water in front of the bowl on the first day she went in. Went there to check again at 10PM and everything is still left untouch.

I have took a photo but it's too dark.

The green fence, the gap between it, and the hole.

The gap is too small...

The hole she crawled in...

Inside the hole. I wish I could have a really powerful flashlight at those time.
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Have you had any luck yet?Can you hear her down the hole?
I was just thinking can you get your arm down the hole with your camera,you might see more.
You could call a drainage company to look down there for you as they have cameras
on cables that they feed into the drains.If you are lucky they may not charge.
or you could try the fire department.
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I have a culvert (a big metal tube) that runs between my property and my neighbors. When I have had my cats scared they will run and hide in there and its really hard to tempt them out when they are scared. Can you put an article of your clothing in there? How deep is the hole?? Can you find a long stick to find out??? Don't give up hope-keep food and water by the hole.
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No one hear or see her yet. When I waited for her on the first day, I haven't heard her meow either. I haven't go to the hospital for two days and I just come back from that place today. I planned to be there at 5AM but my mom was late and we arrived there at 6:15 instead. The street is too busy now. So I just post more flyers there and left.

The food, the paper, and the opened can of cat food I have placed there is gone. I think someone think it's atrash so they throw it away. The sidewalk is also wet, so I don't know the staff try to hose the hole down to see if the cat will comes out or not. They mentioned it to me that maybe they will try this method. =P

The water bowl still there though. My mom said she probably comes out in the middle of the night already though. But where?

The hole's width is as long as a a mop. We can't use the mop to stick in there though because the fence's base blocking its way. We need to use something long and flexible. Um.. a rubber hose?

...a rubber hose...Argh!!! I should have thinking about sticking the rubber hose there on the first day. And I forgot about placing more food and water there for her too. Seeing that the food is gone like that makes me disappointed, along with my mom said she probably comes out of the hole by now make me didn't think thought that enough.

Drainage company is a good idea. But is she still inside that hole or not? The hole is not deep down vertically. It's a hole that spread out horizontally though.
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Any updates on your cat? What an awful situation! I once heard that cats are better than dogs at backing out of tubes; I hope that she figured out how to get out on her own & that she's just being skittish. Sending {{{prayers & vibes}}} that she is found soon, and healthy! How far along in her pregnancy was she? Susan
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