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Claw clipping... No more Ms Nice Gal for me

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I am writing this for the new cat owners who are apprehensive about claw trimming and dont want to upset their little darlings too much.

Up until this week I was using Abi's naps as opportune times to trim her claws, but that meant i had to spend that time settling her down in my lap and waiting for just the right moment. Alot of time could get wasted with that technique. So this week I said to myself, "she can just get used to it like any other kitty." Well I got hold of her, didn't do the burrito/wrap thing because she REALLY hates that and just pinned her under me, grabbed each paw and did the deed despite her verbal complaining and wriggling. then i gave her a treat. She has been way too spoiled with my walking on egg shells about not traumatizing her. Funny thing is she had ample opportunity to scratch or bite me during this process and all she did was wriggle. I told her politely that I always intended to prevail in these matters and she had better get used to it ( as she sits patiently while I wipe her down everyday due to my allergies) and it WORKED.

Then we played furiously for a while with her favorite teaser and she is cuddled in my lap as I type. Sometimes Mommy knows best.
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AWESOME JOB!! Go mama!! Congratulations!!
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That's great.

I also got tired of waiting for the "right" time. Usually I get lots of protesting and every once in awhile, Lucy will knock the clippers out of my hands. But I found that I just approach it in a no-nonsense manner, I get it done before anyone realizes it is done. (I also found that if I switched which paw I start with randomly, that seems to help).
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Wonderful job!! I also walk on eggshells when it's time for the dreaded nail trim. I will try to learn a lesson from your and have a take charge attitude. Thanks
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I guess I'm lucky in this respect.

Samuel lets me trim his nails without complaint.. sometimes he even falls asleep?
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I cannot bring myself to clip my girls' back claws at all!! Their front claws were removed my the people who gave them up......

Anyway , you are a inspiration! I really need to get over it and just clip away!!
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