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how much urine is too much?

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I have read that excessive urination can be a sign of diabetes. but how does one know what is "too much" ? Abi's urine clumps are about the size of one and a half inch balls and if i had to guess I may scoop 4-5 of them a day. i dont see her drinking alot because she has three water dishes and enjoys climbing into the tub to drink from a dripping faucet and I don't follow her everywhere she goes. But none of her water dishes are ever empty, they just need soe topping off at night.

she is more or less six months old and seems to be getting really large (not fat) she is active and healthy seeming. I wish there were measurements for these oh so subjective terms like 'excessive.'
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Some cats expel more urine than others, so the best bet would be to ask your vet how many times a day and how much at a time should she be urinating.
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Talk with your vet... all cats are different ... what you say seems a bit high but I havent had a young kittten in a while
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I've got mostly male cats, and they seem make 4-5 inch balls a few times a day. The little girl makes small ones.
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That sounds pretty normal to me. Otis has kidney problems and urinates a TON. I'll see if I can get a picture of it lol. He also goes in one specific spot and when I scoop it it's probably about the size of 2 VCR tapes stacked on top of each other, usually that's after 2 urinations though. It's really big and really heavy so I would say to just keep an eye on it but it doesn't sound excesive.
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My 2 male cats are 13.5 pounds each. It varies from day to day. I worry about them going enough! Usually it is 2-3 clumps, size varies. I am paranoid about their health.
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I get clumps like zak&rocky- a few large clumps each day. They don't seem to drink excessively nor are they going to the litterbox that much.
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