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How do you sleep with your cat in the room?

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I have read many posts about people that sleep with their cats..and I would love to sleep with my cat, but by about 1am she gets all crazy and starts attacking us.
I feel bad cause when she knows we are getting ready for bed, she runs into the bedroom and hides in hopes that we will not notice shes there and just go to sleep with her in there...but then if that happens, she will start attacking us in the wee hours.

Does anyone actually have a fitful sleep with your kitty in the room? I really do want to be able to sleep with her but she's way too crazy at night
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Since we live in a hotel the whole room is pretty much the bedroom. Mia will either sleep in her bed, my boyfriend's computer chair, and from time to time on our bed. She will get nuts and run around sometimes but she's never attacked us. The worst part is if I move she will walk across me to get comfortable or sleeping on my chest. I just move her to a more suitable spot and rub her till she calms down.
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I would add a cat tree and maybe a tunnel or quiet toys for her to play with in the middle of the night so she doesn't have to use you as a plaything. The dont play all night, just a little off and on.
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haha, funny story. In summer, both my cats sleep ontop of the bed between my legs, and in winter or mild weather, both sleep under the covers, kind of with an arm each with their head on my shoulder. The older one (a tonkanesse) taught the younger one (a siamese) that this is the safest warmest pace in the whole bed. For me its the nicest way to goto sleep, with a cat under each arm.

<3 $
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My wife and I sleep with our cats in the room. Most will sleep through the night, but come 4 or 5 am, the bobcats wake up and want to be fed. The cougar sleeps between us and has his own pillow as well However, he will wake at around 2 am or so and believes this is the time he needs to groom me. This is when I have to escort him off the bed, because there is no way to sleep with his grooming.
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I have always had cats sleep with me. I never have any trouble sleeping with them.
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The more cats on my bed the merrier. I do have 1 that puts on his little combat helmet, and studies his plans with a flashlight, under the bed. When we get into a good sound sleep he engages his warfare tactics on us....

I wouldn't have it any other way... I love it!!!!
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Originally Posted by AmberThe Bobcat
My wife and I sleep with our cats in the room. Most will sleep through the night, but come 4 or 5 am, the bobcats wake up and want to be fed. The cougar sleeps between us and has his own pillow as well However, he will wake at around 2 am or so and believes this is the time he needs to groom me. This is when I have to escort him off the bed, because there is no way to sleep with his grooming.

Wow, a cougar grooming you........that must be like a belt sander on the lowest speed. I'd move him off the bed too.
I still think it's too cool that you are able to share your home with a cougar and your bobcats.
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I started wearing thick socks. Princess has slept under the covers since she was a kitten. Once in a while she freaks out and bites my toes (usually if she hears another cat outside). The thick socks helped a lot.

I think it depends on your cats. Patches and Princess generally sleep soundly, but Puppy wants to play every 2 hours. Princess will roll with you when you move, but Patches will hiss if you accidently move her. Puppy can't stand people moving, and he bounds off the bed as soon as a foot twitches.
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Sam gets locked out of the room at bedtime. He always lets me know that he doesn't appreciate it, but that's the way it has to be. He loves to snuggle and knead my back and shoulders, and he will also sleep on my head. There is no sleeping to be had when he is on the bed.

HOWEVER, he gets some time to hang out with me in the morning. Instead of hitting the snooze button, I let him into my room. He'll make sure i don't go back to sleep, and he gets some special snuggly time.
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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals
Wow, a cougar grooming you........that must be like a belt sander on the lowest speed. I'd move him off the bed too.
I still think it's too cool that you are able to share your home with a cougar and your bobcats.
A belt sander on the lowest speed, that is a very good way to describe it
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Maybe try playing with the cat before bed to tucker her out and give her a treat to signal 'okay play time is over, bed time'. I did this with my cat and it worked in about a week. She still walks around the bed and over the pillows when I first lay down and then she washes my face for me but then she'll settle down and drift off for the night. In the morning she is usually in the same place she was when we went to sleep.
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Trouts mom, I'm new here, how old is your cat? sounds young.

We have 5. I is 21 the next one is 7-6- and the boys are 2 years olds.
The boys came to us from their mother. My daughter and I were outside and this little cat walked 3 little baby kitties up our steps and right to us. We waited and watched and the mother just stood there. We left our porch door open and put a blanket there for them. The babies got on the blanket and went to sleep the mother walked away and never looked back. We watched. Never ever have I seen this happen. So we tried to get them fed. The little one got sick. I took her to the vet and at 2 weeks old they didn't hold much hope and told me how much this would cost. She died the next day. I cried like a baby for days, over a kitty I'd only known 3 days. We named her princess. My daughter who was 18 at the time decided to keep the other 2 who are boys, she had them fixed but I fed them, played with them and did everything else because my daughter was never home. Finally my daughter moved out but she said she would get the boys when she got an apartment. When that time came my husband had totally fallen for these kittens and said she couldn't have them.
You're wondering what this has to do with sleeping with cats. We have never ever let a pet sleep with us. We've had 2 cocker spaniels and at the least 5 cats. Now these boys sleep with us every night. After being married 18 years always closing our door, now it's open for the boys. When they want me to wake up the one knits in my hair. Before lights out he also chases our toes.
It's harmless. If you want your kitten to sleep with you he should settle down but that's why I asked it's age.
They are great company.
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Trout is just over one year she is still very playful. She can't help but attack our toes in the bed..and she even sometimes gets right into the duvet cover and attacks us from through there..She is such a crazy kitty.

Hmm, maybe I will try once in a while to leave the bedroom door open and see if she starts to settle down a little a night. We usually don't mind if she's being hyper, but it's just tricky when we're trying to sleep.

One other little thing is, she has a little bell on her collar and so that makes noise when she is playing..I know technically I could take the bell off..but I think its too adorable and I refuse to take it off.
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well if you're going to try to let her in while you're sleeping you'll have to lose the bell. Is she an indoor or outdoor cat? If she's an indoor cat she really doesnt' need it unless you lose her. It's really a case by case thing. she is really young though. It's only natural for her to be playful. Especially with things under blankets.
good luck
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She is an indoor cat, so yes I could lose the bell. I know that its just natural for her to be playful..and I do love that she is playful..but I sometimes wish she could sleep with us and we could cohabitate the bed peacefully.

Perhaps I could take the bell off at bedtime...yep I'll try that.
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Lily wears a bell on her collar, too. Lily & Twitch sleep in the bedroom with me. Lily is 6 months & Twitch is almost 4 years old. Twitch has her own bed on top of my stereo. Apparently, she got tired of me rolling over on her. I am a back sleeper, so Lily sleeps curled in my armpit. She usually kneads my armpit, too. About 3-4 am, Twitch wakes up & scratches at the door to be let out. Since there are fosters now in the basement, I cannot let her out. I got two 3M hooks & put them ont he back of the door. I then hung two pillows there. Now, Twitch's scratching doesn't wake me up. Lily got woke up by Twitch's scratching, too. She used to play with me then. I bought 2 variety packs of toys & spread them out on my bedroom floor. Each night, before I go to bed, I find every last toy & toss them for her to chase. If those bore her, then she turns to pick on Twitch. Is Trout an only kitty? Maybe she needs a playmate? I guess you just haev to get used to their antics. My grandparents sleep with their bedroom door open so Kitty Buddy can come & go as he pleases. Then he can go find more interesting things to play with.
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Yes Trout is an only kitty..I don't know if we have room for a playmate. We have talked about getting another kitty..I think we are scared that maybe Trout wouldn't be so attached to us anymore if she has another buddy around to play with.

Also, we wonder if Trout would hate the new kitty as she is a high stress cat to begin with.

I will try the toy idea, I'll get all her toys and sprinkle them around the bedroom and see if that keeps her occupied.
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My girls used to go crazy and chase each other at night. It was getting pretty bad because I cannot clip Tara's claws at all due to her aggression and they like to jump on me. She came very close to injuring my eye with her back claws one night and I had a hard time explaining the scratches from when I was used as a landing/launched pad. I bought a bright orange squirt bottle, squirted them with it once, and then slept with it next to me in bed for about a week. Anytime they lept on me, I'd grab the bottle, I never had to actually squirt because they knew it by sight. By the end of the week, they learned to not jump on Mommy. Eventually I lost the bottle and welcomed them on the bed for cuddles and kisses. Now they run around in the living room and when they get tired climb into bed with me and cuddle.
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I sleep like a rock, so I get a great nights sleep!
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our oldest cat sleeps in her laundry basket beside the bed on the night stand. she has her own little mini bed with a thick pillow for a cushion.... spoiled little turd. our other two cats sleep at our feet. one is 13 lbs and he likes to sleep between my legs, complete momma's boy, and when that happens im in the same position all night long. the other cat (before she had her kittens) would sleep between my fiance's feet. i got good sleep most of the time gotta love the babies!!
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Zakk usually snuggles next to hubby for awhile, then gets in his own bed on his night stand. Rocky usually sleeps between my legs for at least the beginning of the night. The only real annoying thing is when he gets real affectinate in the middle of the night and starts kneading and licking. It's very sweet but his purring is so loud it wakes up hubby! Usually I bury my head in my pillow and turn over and he stops eventually. this happens about once a week. We don't usually see the young'uns in the night, but lately I have noticed that Suzie has been hanging out on the way bottom of the bed, but takes off as soon as you notice her. (she's a VERY shy kitty) Cookie just does the morning greeting to remind you it's breakfast time!
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How do you sleep with your cat in the room?

How could a cat sleep with me in the room? I don’t think my Basil even attempted to sleep in the same room as me. I do push out the ZZZZZ’s rather loudly I’m told.

Basil used to be out for most of the night. Sometimes though I’d find him in the front room curled up on the sofa, about as far from my sending the pigs to market as he could get.
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Bella and Cinders didn't really bond with us until they started sleeping with us They generally start off under the bed or in their igloo which is at the bottom of the bed but as the night progresses, they end up either sleeping on our feet or between our legs. They used to wake us up every night by sitting on either side of our heads and purring but they are so sweet we didn't mind.

Lately, they've taken to playing chase in the middle of the night and our bed has become part of the obstacle course. It wouldn't be so bad but they sound like a herd of elephants!

I don't think I've slept through the night since we got the girls but we're used to it now and wouldn't have it any other way. To be fair to them, they only wake us up once a night at about 3am but we just go straight back to sleep
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Sash always sleeps with me at night and he is very bad at waking mommy up A LOT during the night! He's an older kitty and he's always been this way if anything he wakes me up more now than he ever did so I don't think he's out growing it. I lay down and start to fall asleep and BAM he starts, I swear he has ESP! He wakes me up like clockwork, approx. every two hours. You probably wonder why I put up with this? I'm lucky that I do manage to sleep 8-9 hours a day, I sometimes just need to take a nap to catch up on my sleep. I do keep his toys scattered around the bedroom and living room and I do hear him play with them sometimes but it doesn't stop him from waking me up though! I could never shut him out though. What can I say he has me wrapped around his paw!
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I wouldn't be able to sleep if I didn't have at least 4 cats in the bed.

Two are usually on the body pillow in the center of the bed, one on the other side of the bed, one on my head and sometimes one in the middle between the pillows.
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Smidge was very very bad with the bedtime thing for a long time.

Once I was asleep and she acted up, I immediately removed her from the bedroom and locked her out for the night. I was consistent with this for MONTHS until she learned that if she wanted to stay the night she had to be good.

I did such a good job with this she prefers to sleep on the couch in the l.r. instead of with me She comes in a hour or so before the alarm, goes under the blanket and licks my arm a bit. Once the alarm goes off she is up and doing her "job" getting me up for the day.

I suspect she did try sleeping with me for a bit, but I'm a bit of a kicker. She will nap with me though and curl up nice and tight next to me. I dont move at all when napping...I think she's figured that out - it is safe for her!
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Our trick for Phenom was she could sleep with us but when she tried to play we would give her another chance but if she did it again then we take her downstairs and put her in her bathroom. It only took about a week of this before she realized that if she wanted to sleep with us she either had to sleep or play with her toys on the floor. Now she just brings her feather duster toy and sleeps with it on the bed.
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Thanks for all the input

I think I'll try to convince my boyfriend to give her a few chances and then we'll just boot her out if she gets too crazy!!

The boyfriend is quite a grumpy, sleepy, I'll try my best to convince him
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