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Eating Hair

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Why does Mia insist on eating hair that she finds on the floor after I clean my brush and stuff. If I'm sleeping and she climbs up on the pillow near my head she will pull the hair off my head and chew on it. She also eats my wigs if they are somewhere that she can get to them. I buy her Friskies to eat, the dry type. Is she looking for minerals or something or is it just fun for her. Some times she chockes though and i worry about that?
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I would discourage Mia from eating hair as much as possible. As far as cleaning your brush, maybe you should put the trash can in a lower cabinet, so she can't find it so easily. Try putting your wigs on a closet shelf (in a closing closet), or some such. As far as when you sleep, just give her a loud "NO!" when she does it, and she'll get the idea. It may take time, but she'll get it.

Just try to put hairy things out of her reach or unavailable for her. Our boy, Hobbes, loves to eat hair from ANY source. He'll even eat it out of the bathtub drain! So we wound up having to close the bathroom from him (which you might consider), as he even figured out that he could open the sliding shower door by grabbing the towel that hangs on it, and walking backwards!! Yeah...bathroom closed REAL quick. LOL!!

Anyway, sometimes kitties love to do things, and there's no real way to get them to stop, so it becomes our responsibility to just make the environment free of those temptations.

Hope that helps. Let me know if there's anything that you see that won't work, and I'll think of something else. We've had all sorts of solutions (weird and not-so-weird) for kitties over the years, so fire away!
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