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Euthanizing should NOT be an alternative to vet treatment!

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I met a surrender yesterday, a Siamese(purebred) named Sassy. Sassy is a gorgeous girl, but very vocal. She is at the HS. She was a technically a surrender, COLPH(the vet clinic) got a cat brought in for treatment that was urinating & pooping outside of her litter box. She was a 5 year old Siamese, front paw declaw. The people decided to just euthanize her. Sassy(the cat), being a sweetie, didn't need to be euth'd, so COLPH convinced her owners to surrender her as opposed to euthanizing her. COLPH feared her owners would change their minds, so a vet tech drove her to the HS ASAP. Last night, I met her. She was meowling really loud & reeked of urine. She had been at the HS since the night before, & hadn't used her box since she arrived. My theory is that she has a UTI. She was getting checked out by a vet today. The real kicker to this story: the family that wanted her euthnized has 5 other cats, all 4 paw declaws. Sassy is a gorgeous Siamese, until she stands up. Only then can you clearly see how much weight she is carrying. Her weight from 6 months ago was 11.7 lbs, she looks like much more than that now. I don't know that much about Siamese cats, but that has got to be overweight for er. She has spindly little legs & this big fat body. Her front feet clearly hurt as she won't let anyone touch them. Most likely from all of the weight.

Why didn't her family put her on a diet & have her vet checked before deciding to euthanize her? They paid $1000 for her & after 5 years don't want her because of behavior issues that would go away with vet treatment!?!? If she doesn't do well on her diet at the HS, I am going to foster her. She definately needs to loose weight. Despite being in pain, she kept purring everytime I would pet her. She is obviously an affectionate cat, she just needs someone to properly care for her. She has always had her shots, is spayed, & was fed only the best(I was told). She was well loved, but I guess as cats age they aren't worth it anymore. It is easier to buy a new kitten. From what I understand, that is what this family was going to do, & there is nothing anyone can do to stop them. They wouldn't listen to what they were being told when the vet said Sassy could be treated & then she would probably start using the litterbox again.
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Words fail me when I hear a story like that. I hope she finds a wonderful home where she will be fed properly and given all she needs, whether with you or another responsible person.
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I used to have a siamese named Sassy.. but she had to be put to sleep because she had cancer. Anyways, I hope she finds a good home. I hate when people do things like that.
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This makes me sooo mad!! I hate to hear those stories!! I can't understand how people can just give up so easily on these poor animals!!
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I do not think that poor sassy was well loved,she may have been well fed,but if those owners realy loved her they would do ANYTHING for her.
people like that make me soooo angry they should have their other cats confiscated from them.

Now sassy can have a happier life now

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Poor baby...my experience with cats that go beside their litter box,is that there is a problem with the type of litter being used,especially with Siamese breeds and/or those that are declawed. Wonder if she had her own litter box or had to share??Thank goodness the vet convinced them to surrender!
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That is just awful! Makes you wish people had to take pet parenting classes or something in order to be able to adopt. That's not a bad idea at all actually! I mean good grief people! Are animals just like cars you can trade in? If you can afford to buy an expensive kitten, you ought to be able to afford vet treatment. Euthanizing them like that is animal cruelty IMHO!
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It's sad to think that they can just replace their cat like that. IMO, Sassy is a very unique Siamese. She has very dark fur all over, not the lighter cream color I have come to think most Siamese cats have.

I have this mental image of a top entry litter box, filled with Yesterday's News, & this overweight declawed cat with a UTI trying to use that box. I don't know if that is the litter she used at all(or even if she has a UTI for sure), but I wouldn't put it past those people to not care. As I wrote my post, I was trying to be impartial, but now I'm just mad. I don't care how many kittens you give me, you couldn't make me get rid of Twitch, or Lily, or even "mean" Ophelia for that matter.
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I am utterly gobsmacked at someone wanting to pts for something like that - Tom has recurrent cystitis, quite possibly due to the fact he is obese - his owners got him to that state, and then wanted him pts. All I can say is thank god for some vets who wont do it, and convince the owners otherwise. What a vet said to me about people paying pedigree prices and them not being any better treated is true, and it is so sad. Sadly they keep on being allowed to do it.
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