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international travel

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I was wondering if anyone knew the rules about bringing a FIV positive cat into the U.S. from the European Union. My vet in spain seems to think that my cat may not be allowed to enter the U.S. with the virus. Where can I get this info? Thanks for any info. Jenny
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Try the us customs site. Go to www.google.com
and use search words for U.S. Customs animal quarantine, etc.

Honestly though, I'd bet you a lot of money they won't let you do it. Generally I believe its about a 3 month quarantine to see if they have any diseases.
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Here ya go. If your cat is not showing any signs of illness and the vet says it's okay to fly, it should be just fine. The only stipulation is that the animal has to be free of disease that is transmissable to humans.

Pet cats are subject to inspection at ports of entry for evidence of infectious diseases that can be transmitted to humans. If a cat appears to be ill, further examination by a licensed veterinarian might be required. There is no rabies vaccination requirement for cats. Following entry into the United States, all cats are subject to state and local vaccination requirements. All pet cats arriving in the state of Hawaii and the territory of Guam, even from the U.S. mainland, are subject to locally imposed quarantine requirements.
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