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more cat abusers

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At work today, on the radio, I heard that a video was found showing a couple of people skinning, then beheading a cat! They haven't been convicted yet, but even if they are, there aren't strict enough punishments for this kind of abuse. Here, the highest punishment for animal abusers is 6 months in jail, a fine, or 2 years not being able to own an animal or work with animals. It's so sad to hear these horror stories, and yet, they are so common.
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Thats crazy, you know they will just do it again.
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That's as bad as the puppy case, here. In Arizona, animal cruelty is a felony.
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I have to laugh at the punishment that will not let you own an animal for a period of time. Do they really believe that these sick twisted @#%#* will not do this after that is finished or that they won't get another animal to tourture?

BTW for those who are concerned about animal welfare go to


Go to lobby for animal welfare and then click on advocacy center and if you click on the state you live in you can submit your name to petition for laws that are being proposed in your state.
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That's terrible. I hate hearing about these kind of things. It makes me feel so sad for the poor animals. The punishments for these crimes so be much stronger than they are!
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Yeah, those stories make me angry and sad. The punishments for animal cruelty are a joke, and most get off with probation or less, even in extreme cases of abuse or neglect.

Life is life. Penalty for animal torture, cruelty or inhumane death should be the same as humans doing unto humans in the same manner.

Hard to believe someone care's so little about life (especially harmless animals) that he/she can cut off a cat's paws or dig out a puppy's eyes and then sleep at night, then get up in the morning and live and work among us like a normal person....
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Thanks for posting that link Jessica. The only way to change the pitiful laws on animal abuse that most states have is to let your representatives know that this is an important issue to you. If we all let them know, maybe we can create the changes needed.

One more story that I heard on the news last night: police in southern Colorado found 500 horses and cattle that were being starved to death. A construction worker saw the animals and took pictures to the police. The animals have been taken away for medical treatment and the "owner" has been arrested and is facing multiple counts of animal abuse.
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