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Originally Posted by lionessrampant
I'm sorry, but that made me laugh out loud!
Always aim to please.
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Originally Posted by laureen227
ummmmm.... yeah... ya think Christine would be willing to add any new guy i find?
Well, of course I'm gonna add your new guy to your sig! I wish you the best of luck in finding the purrfect bro to your girls!

Originally Posted by laureen227
ok, got a pic here, of my new possible baby to be...currently named Bear. he's 14 pounds, front declawed. i'm currently thinking of renaming him Port if he works out...anybody else have a good computer name?
Aww, he's a handsome boy! I like the name Chip & also Mac, Ram, Matrix & Link.
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Good luck! I hope it all works out for you! Pretty soon you'll have a scrunched in group in your sig like mine! Luckily Christine is a genious!
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I think he's so cute! I love the name Chip!
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Oooh, I like Link, too. Chip and Link. Those get my vote(s).
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well, i'm fixing to leave to go get him. his foster meowmy says he gets along great with her resident cats, very non-confrontational, never misses the box - sounds perfect, right? he is front declawed, but also 14 pounds [not fat, just big] so i think he'll do ok w/Java & Cable being clawed, since he has about 5-6 pounds on each of them. i marked all mine with vanilla before i left, i put a well-used catquilt [covered in resident cat smell/fur] in the carrier, which has also been previously used by a resident or 2...& i'm planning to mark him w/vanilla also before bringing him inside. & i've already told the girls his name is Chip! lots of cute nicknames for that name - & it's one i'd never thought of! loved Python, too, but i'd have to explain it too much - already have to do that w/Pixel's name! will post REAL pix after school starts up next week - & will send you the first really good one i get, Christine!
Laureen - meowmy to Cable, Chip, Java & Pixel [what can i say - i'm a slave to alphabetical order!]
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Congratulations Laureen! He is a beautiful boy and I LOVE the name Chip. it's perfect. I hope the introductions go well
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What's the vanilla do? This is new to me.
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Congratulations! I can't wait to see new pictures of the cute little guy!

Good luck with introductions, hopefully the vanilla works!
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oh, girl! I am so happy for you!
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Good luck Laureen!! He's gorgeous!
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Oh he is handsome! I like Chip! From what I see of that little white spot on his chest it fits that way too!
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That's awesome... congratulations! I can't wait to hear & see more of Chip!
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That's wonderful news!!! Can't wait to see pictures of your handsome boy.
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Congrats Laureen! I can't wait to see pictures. He looks like a cute big Chip!

Originally Posted by Taurus77
What's the vanilla do? This is new to me.
The vanill makes all of the cats smell the same. It makes the transition a little easier, for lack of a better explanation.
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I really wish I could get a new baby! Bandit is a handful for poor ole Maxxy but DB won't let me!!
BTW, Chip looks a lot like my Bandito...only MUCH bigger!!
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well, he spent the afternoon & evening in the bathroom - Cable & Java were quite interested. Java was very upset, but has calmed down considerably. Pixel is simply avoiding him altogether. he came out for a little while this morning to explore. Java stayed away, Pixel stayed away - Cable followed him everywhere. he's not too happy with her, but it's mostly growling & hissing - & he hid under the bed for a while. he seemed happy when i shut him back up in the bedroom while i came here to the library - probably less stressful! but he LOVES me, rubs up against my legs, headbutts - etc. uses the litterbox for everything [except for the accident in the carrier on the way home yesterday ]. i took a pic but it's not that good, & i can't upload it until next week, anyway. all the cats have had some catnip this morning, for calming. i gave Chip some yesterday after we got home because of the stress of the car trip. he's very smart - i had put a catquilt in the carrier to help him acclimate to the smell of the resident cats. after he defecated, he covered it with the quilt. i've never had such an easy clean-up! hopefully i'll be back tomorrow with even better news. i think i'm going to look for some kind of gates i can put in the bathroom doorway so he & the others can see each other but still remain separated.
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Welcome home, Chip!
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well, i bought the baby gate, which is great...except now Chip seems most comfortable under the bed! so that was kind of a waste of my $10! anyway, Java's calmed down - she was very wary at first, & Pixel is doing well. Cable will still hiss at him, but he hisses back. no whacking or anything worrisome, tho. when he's not under the bed, he's pacing all over the place, so i'm having difficulty getting a really good pic! but i got a couple. i think it's really funny how 'macho' Cable is being - especially since she's about 1/2 his size! i guess she really is the top cat!

edited to add: almost forgot - size, coat, conformation & head shape - he looks like a British Shorthair much more than a Burmese - those shelter people don't seem to understand!
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He sounds like a great addition to your family ... Congrates
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Congratulations on bringing home a new baby! Chip is gorgeous, and he sounds like such a little love.
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Congratulations on bringing home a new baby! Chip is gorgeous, and he sounds like such a little love.
well, everything's going well. Chip has found a wonderful perch on top of the icebox! i really don't mind him being there, since he doesn't knock stuff down like Cable does when she's up there. right now, all the girls are in the den with me, but Chip was under the bed, but came out when i went looking for him. i've finally gotten my home computer to do internet access, but still can't do everything i want, hence the different font, etc. got a couple of great pix of him to upload come Monday!
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Congratulations!! Chip is such a handsome boy! Glad to hear things are working out with everyone.
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