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radio question for the day: 03/10/06

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Have you ever been involved with someone that your parents/family dissapproved of?
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YES!! The guy before Lee!! My parents HATED him!!!
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Oh goodness yes

I used to be a rebel child when I was 16 - I dated the druggies and really bad boys - my mom HATED them. I think I just did it to get a rise out of her.
Eventually that phase ended and I was with a guy for 5 years, and towards the end they didn't like him either (cheater, liar), so I broke up with him, and now Im with John - they love him

I look back and I totally understand why my parent's didn't approve!
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Oh my... that's a big yes
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Yes! My high school boyfriend was intensely disliked by my mom, and so was the guy after him.... funny enough my parents really liked my ex-husband and they HATE who I date now
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Um. that would have to be a yup several times over... My step dad regularly threatened my boyfriends with bodily harm so they typically didn't stick around very long!
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Yes, my ex. I was with him for 7 years, my dad hated him.
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A big YES on that one!!

When I was 14 I started dating this guy with tattoos and long hair (nothing wrong with that) but the fact that he was 18 and had already been in juevenille detention (sp??) didn't help!!

I secretly dated him off and on till I was 18..what was I thinking???
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One guy I dated when I was a teen... my dad didn't like. I never really understood why... he was a good guy.

The guy before him that I dated - my dad loved him, and he had a lot worse influence on me. go figure!
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All the time ( hahahahaha)
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yes.. i'm not dating anyone at the moment but my dad didnt like ben at the start and then he started to like him.. then he hated him!

I hope he likes my next one!
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Nope,I was a bit of a late starter I had my own place before i met anyone.
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Yeah and I JUST married him!!! They like him now though!!
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Nope. The only seriouse relationship I have ever had is with my husband. I have a good radar for my younger sisters boyfriends. I hated her last two boyfriends and one of them turned out to be a rapist and the other a druggie. EW!
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Oh have I ever - I dated most of them!
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DH is my one and only and they love him!
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