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Tentatively getting another pregnant foster girl!

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I know I am trying to give up fostering, but this little pregnant girl showed up at a women's homeless shelter! The dear man running the shelter can't bring her inside, but he already had her tested to ensure she is not carrying any disease. She is a bit skittish, but is a gentle kitty.

If no one else volunteers, I will pick her up tomorrow and post lots of info and pics! And the kids have been begging to keep fostering, so hopefully they will be more engaged this go round.
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How exciting! what a big heart you have to keep taking care of these kits who have no home!!
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I guess what they say about one cat only leading to another is true! *grin*

Seriously, you have a very big heart and I commend you for considering this girl in her plight. When it comes to the raising kittens part, what you do and what I do are not all that terribly different. I so enjoy having the babies around for the (SHORT!!) time they are here. They bring so much positive energy and life force into this house and they are an almost constant source of amusement. We nurture them for a time, but when the time is up, off they go to spread their unique joy around their forever homes.

The reasons you were considering giving up fostering are absolutely none of my business, but after reading many of your posts, I encourage you to reconsider, even after this girl. You do it well and there is a need.
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I kind of want to quit because I had one foster mom, Sugartoes, for 7 months. Although our home wasn't the best situation for her, and we didn't want to keep her, I missed her so much when she left.

And little Blue, Jasmine's sister. I tamed her from a rather feral kitten. I almost started crying at the moment her new Daddy decided to chose her for sure. Again, the situation is best for her, and for us. I do not need 5 cats, all young, who I am committed to for the next 20 years. But it broke my heart, because I love her.

I chose to keep Jasmine because she remained rather shy and I don't think she would incorporate into another family readily, while Blue was so confident and resiliant. I did not "settle" for Jazz, don't get me wrong. I wanted a third cat because Gar and Festus get along better when we have one more cat. And I feel blessed to have my sweet Jazz, but Blue was an in your face type kitty. And I still miss her.

And the time. I give my kitties and my barn cats more attention when I don't have babies. But I really hope no one else offers to foster this girl. I want her!
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You are such an angel for taking in this pregnant foster!

Keep us updated on how things go - pictures too!
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You are so great for taking a mama cat in need. I would really love to be able to do that stuff as well, but currently I am attending university and my family is renting a place. Luckily, the owners of our house let us have our dog, Gracie and then they let us take in a pregnant queen, Yen who had her kittens 10 days ago. We are not allowed to take in anymore, but once I am done school and buy my own house, I intend to rescuse animals. Thank you for doing it for those of us who would love to but are unable. You have an amazing heart. Good luck with your new foster.
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It is a rewarding experience isn't it, though?

Checkers is my first pregnant foster... all the stress of fighting with mum to bring her home was well worth it. and I will surely miss them all. But it makes room for another to come, if mum will let me
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Ah, Becky, that's great. Sort of addictive, I guess! It's a really hard thing you do there, and, like Gaye said, you do it well. I hope you get her and post pics!
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I know you are going to get her and do an awesome job! It must be so rewarding but so heartbreaking at the same time when it comes adoption time! Can't wait for the updates!!
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She is here! She looks like Festus! My internet is messing pics later.
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YAY! I am eagerly awaiting pics!!!!
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I did wonder if you would be truly able to give up fostering. I know you wanted to recharge first, but needy kits always seem to get in the way, don't they? And, when you enjoy fostering, you never seem to be able to say no!! Can't wait to see pics.
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ooo I'm so looking forward to pics! poor little girl, I'm so glad she's got you to go to sweetie, what a big heart you have!
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Sorry, I think I live in the dark ages. When it rains hard, my phone lines get a loud buzz, and we can't easily get on-line. We live out in the country, so there is no satellite available at a reasonable cost. The phone company says they will correct it by tomorrow, Tuesday!

Anyhow, this girl is tiny, looks a lot like Festus, and is definitely not a house cat. Most fosters jump right into the chairs in the cat room, but she is staying in the cage. I have the cage covered with towels so it looks like a cave, and I put the blanket from the cat carrier into the cage.

She does purr when pet, and loves to be pet! The first time I pet her was when she was still in the carrier. She leaned into my hand, and seemed really sweet. My 10 y/o dd wanted to pet her, and we had been told she was friendly, but shy. So I told her since this kitty had been loose in Chicago, it is possible that she has been mistreated by kids, so to approach her slowly.

As soon as dd touched her, the loudest purr I have ever heard began. And when dd pulled her hand away, the kitty placed her paw on dd's hand, as if to say keep petting me!

The kitty has purred when petted by me, dd, dd's best friend, and my husband. Somebody loved this kitty once, and taught her to be a pet.

I feel very lucky to have her, and will post those pics when I can!
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Your new foster kitty sounds so sweet! Bless you for taking her in.
Can't wait to see pictures!
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What a sweetie! So happy you're helping her!
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Well, my phone is fixed! Here is the link to the picture thread about my new girl.

I saw a little spotting on her blankie tonight, but no other signs. I think I'll have babies soon. (Hopefully by morning, since I have to work tomorrow!)
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Wow, that's quick. She's SOOO cute. What a sweetie!
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