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hrm any advice?

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i know just let the mom cat do what she wants with the kittens. well now i have a problem. she moved them under the computer stand behind the surge protector.... all those plug ins and all make me nervous!!!! i covered them, but i want to move her. i fixed up her old nesting box (with a few new softer things but same sheets) she has been in since day 2 (day 1 she was in the vet). i dont have a box small enough atm to move under the computer stand to get them up out of the wires, but when i move them to the old box she drags them out back to the corner.... any ideas on what to do?
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Do you have a large size dog crate or can borrow one? That way you can confine them in one area. If not is there an empty bedroom or small room where they can stay with the door closed?
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well they are curently in the computer room alone (with us ocassionally). i have 2 other cats so this has been their room. it isnt that big and she has been doin very well in here until this morning when she moved them to the wires. they are all sleeping now out of the wires so ill just let them be... but as soon as they wake up im gonna try and put them into the remodeled nexting box and no, no large create. i live in a college town (bc i go to college) and most of the places here you arent allowed to have pets..but we got lucky
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so i took one of the kittens and moved it to the other box and she brought it right back to the computer stand....i cant really move the cords at all... maybe they will just have to move to the bedroom and ill have to kick out my other 2 cats
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She may feel that the other box is unsuitable for some reason. It needs to be in a warm, quiet, dimly lit place, away from the other cats. The bedding needs to be clean too. Perhaps get another couple of boxes from the grocery store, set those up and see if she chooses them.

If not, you may have to move her to a room where you can shut her in, like you said.
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Do you have laundry baskets? Maybe place a laundry basket under the computer desk so she can't get under it. Or if you can move all the wires up onto the desk...inconvenient for you, but safer for the babies!
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well it took forever because sasha would not move.. thank goodness she trusts me completely. i had to work around her and the kittens with the wires (i unplugged everything before i started messing around with them). she just laid there with the babies and watched me unplug and move and all that good stuff with wires across her back. then i took part of her old nesting box (1/4 of it) and used it for the bottom. i put a soft rug she likes then put a blanket from the old nesting box over it and with some towels that were also in the old nesting box. then with the cardboard box i put it over the line of wires that traveled across the floor by the wall... sorry if this is confusing but either way i got it done and they are safe!!!!!!!!! also i put a blanket in the front of it so she could have more privacy/darkness/sleepie time. she is happy now and i think it would be more comforetable for her... except now it will be very very hard to use that computer with the keyboard being on the floor.... lol
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Hehe now that you have gone through all that work, she'll probably change her location to the shower, just daring to see what you will do!
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Originally Posted by SolarityBengals
Hehe now that you have gone through all that work, she'll probably change her location to the shower, just daring to see what you will do!
I was just thinking the same thing!! LOL
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lol that would be halarious but if she moves em, i will fix up that spot for her and her babies! i will make her a floating raft thing with a waterproof cover if she goes in the shower :O she has me around her little claw i think she will like this spot a lot better though cause its more like a "cave" type setting so hopefully she will be content for a while it is time for me to take a nap... being a gma is hard work! lol
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YOu are awesome
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