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Cat claw problem

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Hi all...

Was wondering if you can take a look at this photo of one of Chase's back claws and see what you think....

I noticed it yesterday, the underneath of his claw is a bit bloody and yuck. It doesnt seem to be bothering him, hes walking as usual, and doesnt mind me touching it.

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One of my Molly's back claws is like that too! It happens once in a while, but won't last for too long, so the vet told me not to worry about it (but keep an eye on it when it looks like Chase's)

If you're concerned though, I would speak to or see your vet and see what they say!

Sorry I can't offer any more help! I'm interested to see what others say too!
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I'm by no means an expert, but my layman's opinion is that perhaps the nail broke off too far up? Looks like the quick is exposed, which I imagine would be painful. Maybe it's similar to when we stub our toe and part of the nail breaks off. Ouch! But it does grow back normally, so maybe it will be fine for your cat too!
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I've seen this before with my dog. It looks like it was caught on something and broke too short. It should get better in a few days as long as it's kept clean and doesn't get infected. Mind you it will be sore though but if you can try to clean it with warm water and peroxide. I'm not a vet it's just what the vet told us with our dog.
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Recently Bijou somehow did that to the "thumb" part of his front paws. We figured he got someplace and got caught and hurt them trying to get free. We took him to the vet and they just said it would heal by itself and it did.
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Thanks everyone. I'm keeping a close eye on it and will obviously go straight to the vets if it gets worse or starts to bother him
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