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Anyone else's cat do this???

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So, my cat will be sitting on my lap all comfy and I'll be petting her. After a few minutes she'll start purring really loud..and then will flip onto her back pointing her belly up at me. So I figure she wants her belly rubbed. But once I start petting her belly, she starts attacking my hand..It is kind of cute but also can be painful.

My boyfriend always says that if shes purring, its a surefire sign that she will soon bite us..Its weird.

Anyone elses cat do this?
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Perhaps she doesn't like the way that you are rubbing her belly. Phenom only likes to be rubbed from right under her front legs to the middle of her tummy. go any higher or lower and you are being bitteen clawed and bunny kicked!!
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yep, especially Blueberry...touch that cat's belly and you're toast...with Hobbs if I rub veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lightly he likes it..any harder, he wont bite, but he will run
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hahah, that bunny kick thing is sooo true, It seems like that is Trouts trademark move..She will always attack her bear toy on the floor and bite its head and bunny kick its body!! I love it, its so cute..(Unless shes doing it to me)
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Pixel is sorta like that. she really likes having the pits under her front legs scratched, & mid-belly is ok, but between her back legs on her belly, she will only tolerate a small amount of scratching/rubbing before bunny kicking. thankfully, she bunny kicks very gently - really just uses her back legs to move my hand away from her belly!
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My cat loves it's belly rubbed, she lies down and stretches way out, she will only play bite and kick if she's in a playful mood but doesn't attack my hand. When I first got her she would roll around like a dog, it was so funny, back and forth on her back. When she's real happy she'll bunny kick her head with her back feet, it's Hilarous!!!
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Kitties are sooo cute!! I love these bunny kick stories!
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Our kitties are like what the other posts mention, too. Kitties (most of the time) don't like the whole belly rubbed. They only really like the belly from mid-point up toward the head. I think the lower belly is just too sensitive, and it makes them uncomfortable.

Another thing to old is your kitty? She may be taking the belly-rubbing as a sign that you want to play. She's not angry that you're touching her tummy, it's that she thinks it's time to play.

Anyway, depends on her age...the younger she is, the more it's likely she's just playing. They're so ready for a good game until about four years of age, it's most likely that's what's happening if she's in that age group. If she's older than about three, it's probably the first thing...try sticking to the upper half of her tummy. From three to four, could be either...just try different things. Females tend to be really hot and cold about that age as to what's going on. They're mature one moment, and little kittens the next.

Hope that helps!
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sure. It means they've had enough lying on their back purring and want to play. They don't mean to be hurtful, they're just playing. In my opinion anyway.
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The belly is a vulnerable place for cats. In the wild, that's probably where a predator would grab them.

Your kitty sounds like she is ambivalent. The fact that she will expose her belly for you means that she trusts you... but her instincts are still telling her to lash out and protect herself when she's touched. I think it's kind of how we would react if someone tried to touch us on the stomach. You would instinctively curl up.

I had a cat who loved having his tummy rubbed. He'd fall asleep while I was stroking him. My current cat really hates it, so I leave her tummy alone. She's the queen!
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Most cats don't like their bellies rubbed. Too bad b/c it is so soft! Cookie is the only one of mine that will tolerate it a bit! When they roll on their backs it doesn't mean they want you to touch their stomachs, unlike dogs. It means they want to play or they are relaxing. My cats would rip my hands to shreds!
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My Tiger does the same thing. He lays on his back for his belly rub, but as soon as I start to rub he bites. However, he lets my 5 year old daughter rub all over his belly, and my 2 year old rub (more like a pat) his belly. The entire time they are rubbing or patting he purrs until he has had enough then he just gets up and walks away, but if my hand goes near he attacks.
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Mia only likes the top of her head rubbed. Sometimes if she is laying on the floor and i reach down touch her and she will grab my hand and bite and kick. Then she gets silly and will run around the room. I usually just flop down on the floor and roll around and she'll come over and snuggle up with me. I caught her beating up my teddy baer the other day. Pounced on Lil Jimmy (the teddy bear) and rolled around with him biting on his ears. It ws too funny.
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My cat loooves her teddy bear, she beats it up every day. We try and put it back in her bed, and she just drags it right back out and wrestles the heck out of it..It's so cute!
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