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Prayers for two little kittens who captured my heart

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I know they aren't my kitties - none of them are (even though you all know I'd take them all home with me if I had the space!) - ... but these two little girls came in to KV a few days ago after they were found in a place where people dump trash. They are both very thin and pretty sick. One of them also appears to be in some pain - we are doing everything we can to make them better and to make them more comfortable. Every morning I come in just to see their pretty pretty little faces and all I can hear is their purring because, even though they've had it rough and they feel terrible... they are still happy to have what they have.

I melt every time I see them, they are SO beautiful - I desperately want these sisters to get better and to be put in a wonderful new forever home - and I knew just where to get all the positive thoughts and prayers especially for them!

Of the two sisters, only one has a name - Mikkeline. The second is the one on my shoulder here. They are both so affectionate and so loving and happy despite what they've already faced and the pain they are in... they really deserve a forever home.

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Many prayers
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I can't see the pictures here at work, but bless you for caring so much. I really hope they get better really soon and get a wonderful forever home.
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That is a beautiful cat, and she looks so friendly too.
I hope they are well and find lovely, caring, happy homes
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Awww, what a doll. Many prayers that they are both able to get better.
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gorgeous!!!!!! MANY vibes and prayers coming for both of them
please keep us updated
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Prayers that both girls will heal quickly and soon have a loving forever home together.
Thanks for letting us know.
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Aww...what a beauty! They have my prayers that they regain their health, and that they find the loving homes they deserve!
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Awww bless them. Sending them (((((mega healthy vibes))))) and hope they find loving homes
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*sending mega vibes* she sure is beautiful!
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Sending prayers and vibes to the 2 sisters!
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Poor kitties. I hope they find a good home.
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What a beauty

}}}Mega healing vibes{{{ to both little girls and here's to being able to find them a nice forever home
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Many prayers said that they find a wonderful forever home. She is so beautiful I can see how they captured your heart, I hope they get better soon.
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