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Should I include a photo?

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Max and I are having a debate about whether or not I should put a small photo of myself on the front of my resume.

I am aiming for a very professional corporate administration position, and I think I should include one. Here is the one I took about half an hour ago that I want to use.

Max thinks I shouldn't, I think I should

What do you guys think?
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I can honesty say I have never thought about putting a photo on a CV...
But! what a great idea! especially a nice photo like that what. It will make a big impression I think. To me you certainly look friendly and approachable, so if I were considering taking you on I would already have an idea of who you were and your personality, just from the look on your face.
I think you should definately send it in with a pic! and let us know what possible employers say about it too! I'll definately do this if it gets me brownie points in future!
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I vote no. Not that it's not a nice picture; it is. But I think that unless you are an actor or something similar, a picture detracts from rather than adds to a résumé.
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Great picture, Sarah!

Sorry, but I have to agree with Max! I don't agree with the need to provide a picture with a CV. If I am going for a job, me experience and ability to do the job should be enough to prove that I'm suitable!

If I sent a picture, my (sometimes) funky coloured hair and piercings may give some people the wrong impression, so they should employ me entirely on my ability.

Just my opinion though!
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Thanks everyone!

Well, actually, Max told me that it can now be viewed as discrimination - ie you are being interviewed for how you look rather than the strength of your resume, as evnshawn said.

So, hmmmm, now I'm not so sure...
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I've never thought of a picture either but i think it's a brilliant idea!

You look so proffesional there Sarah, send it!
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I also say no to adding a photo. I think its better to make your CV stand out in a different way, rather than adding a photo.
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Take it from someone who used to work in the personell no no.

Great pic though!!!
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Ok now that I've actually thought about it and read other people's replies - you all have a very good point - the employer is not going solely on your ability, your looks have something to do with it....
I think it might be appropriate sometimes, like in a customer facing job - but in an office full of guys, where the employer is a guy, it may have an influence on who they choose. Lets face it, men!
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Yes, discrimination!! That's the word I was looking for!!

Lauren, I don't feel that looks should have much to do with getting a job or not! I am prime target for discrimination due to my facial piercings (however, I have had many jobs!) I don't think that I should have to lose a job due to a beautiful non pierced perfect leggy blonde going for the job I want.

It could make the difference between them appreciating your experience and ability and taking the time to get to know you in interview or not even getting that far even though another applicant may not be quite as experienced!

I don't think it should be that way, but I have come across it often
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Take it from someone who used to work in the personell no no.

Great pic though!!!
Not the personel Dept, but I did all the hiring of my engineers in the company I worked for and my mother has been managing 3 doctor's offices for almost 20 years and does all the hiring for them and sorry - not a good idea. Rule of thumb is clean cut and to the point. Even resumes that are too wordy or long are frowned on.
One thing that I did hear someone in my company did when they were hired was a presentation of their resume. They actually turned the resume into a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for a very professional position they were interviewing for (head of engineering in our company - about 1000 people). This was one I wasn't directly involved with, but I heard about it. He kept it simple like a regular resume (i.e. - not a bunch of designs, backgrounds, pictures, etc), but putting it into presentation format put a new twist on the same-ole-same-ole and actually gave him the extra points he needed because it was a very refreshing way to view a resume.
Just an idea if you're looking for something different. If you do go this route though - make darn sure by calling ahead that the company you are interviewing with can have an overhead setup for you and are prepared to view it this way.
It is a great pic though - I agree!
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No, I think you're all right.

I used to think it was a bit naff - you know, there's a difference between confidence and vanity!!

I just wasn't sure if it's what the prospective employers would want. If it was a good idea, I'd include it. But I agree with what you have said, and I don't think I'll include it unless one is asked for....

Thank you for all your frank advice!!
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I would say no to the picture. Instead set your resume apart from the rest by using a high quality creme colored paper instead of white, or using a fancy yet legible font when you type it up. Mom has chosen a lot of employees who were a little less qualifies than another but seemed to be more interested in the job because they took the time to make their resume stand apart from the rest!!
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Yeah, my resume itself is really wicked (she says modestly ). It's eye-catching but professional, and not OTT at all. Best of all, I was completely honest, so I'll be able to live up to anything they ask or expect of me. I don't see the point in lying to embellish - it just catches up with you later.

Short, and to the point. I have some fantastic references and they are included. All my references are originals in colour, too, no photocopies even though a couple go back a while.

The resume itself is very modern looking with this exact green headers and the rest black and simple. It's cool. Took me ages but I think it was worth the time.

Now I just need to be impressive in any interviews I might get!!! Lol...
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Yea! You have to knock them out in the interviews!!
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That's a nice pic, but I think Max is right. It would be better not to include a photo.
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I agree with many of the photo.

However, since you're going for an administrative position DO make sure that your resume is put together in a way that shows you know how to use Microsoft Word. In this day and age, many resumes are sent electronically. When we hired our admin last year I went through the electronic resume files to see how they had put them together. Anybody who showed a less-than-proficient use of Word (e.g., inserting 48 spaces instead of setting a tab) didn't even get an interview.
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I think photos get more attention and connect the resume with a person. I say go for it!
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Also- make sure you use fancy resume paper (I use ivory with a gold edge). It stands out from all the rest.

I see that others don't like the photo idea. At the hospital where I work, many of the doctors who apply for positions include their photo on their CV. I don't think it's a bad idea at all.
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We used to take pictures of people applying at our clinic and put it with their application. It helped us remember who they were.
PS. If it's a man hiring, you'll get it for sure with that naughty school teacher look!
Just kidding...
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Everything I have read about writing resumes and CVs says no to pictures. I wouldn't add it unless they ask for it. It is a beautiful picture though!
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Absolutely not! I had a co-op student working for me, she included a photo with her resume, I told her that was a big no-no. There must be no possibility for discrimination, either from you or the prospective employer. Also, no mention of marital status, or even age, although that is usually easy to estimate from experience.

That is a great photo, though.
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