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Cat's personality does random 180's

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The reason for this post is to help me try and find some answers or and get some help going in the right direction to help me figure out what i can possibly due to help with my cat's changing persona.

About a few weeks Ago my cat had a sudden persona change.

During the night/early morning, his attitude has become quite disturbing.
Enzo(the cats name) Get's very aggresive and irratated with my other 2 Cats(both males), and Others in the house hold.

I.E. Ezra(other older male cat, or Eli youngest male cat) could start to eat some dry food and Enzo will hear this and run over and hiss and claw and growl at them.

One of the 2 could be sleeping or walking by and Enzo will intentionaly start attacking them and try to scare them off.

Enzo now attacks me, Vurbaly and Physicaly(he's like my son and normaly would never ever do this).

Tries to torture other cats and harrase them, also when he goes out to kill mice/birds/gophers he just does't kill to eat and bring them to me as gifts he toys with them(i'm afraid maybe his primal instincts are surfacing more due to his hunting habbits).

If he's sleeping and one of the other cats comes near me he will attack them.

Now i'll give you a little background on the household.

the 1st cat we had was my Fiancee's, (Ezra)he's roughly 3 years old possibly 4 He's the oldest but a panzy about everything indoor/outdoor cat.

Also 2 dogs(which are no longer with us due to old age)

About a Year ago She got me Enzo for my birthday when he was just a few weeks old. About a week or so after we got him he became deathly Ill spent every hour of the day for a few weeks straight with him caring for him so he wouldn't die. He was taken to the vet with not much hope and we were given medicine and instructions on to help him breath because he was unale to maintain a consistent breathing pattern due to his nose constantly crusting over.

Once we got him thru it I noticed he possibly had received some brain damage due to his ordeal. He would run into walls knock himself silly, just stuff a well cat normaly won't due.

After awhile he seemed to get better and was very loving and me and Enzo created a great bond.

now about 8 months ago We found a Black Kitten around the house that we adopted due to it constantly hiding i our engines in our cars (eli, we named him became pretty much and indoor cat due to his tramatic outdoor life and is a very loving cat).

about 4 months ago both older dogs died.

Now about a week ago we got 2 new puppies to replace the 2 dogs we lost awhile back.

and now back to present.

Now i understand that his personality could be changeing due to all the changes in the household.

But what i don't get is why it's only being affected at certine times of the day everyday. and it also started b4 we got the puppies.
It worries me because i'm afraid he might really hurt one of the other cats or my Fiancee.

I've contemplated about having him put down if he gets anyworse but He's like a son not to mention my Fiancee would kill me because of the bond me and Enzo have.

I just don't know what to do or what i should maybe be looking for to maybe help resolve the situation at hand.

I can't take him to the local vet because this guy is a joke since the original vet is retiring, I've had to put this new vet in the spot several times for stupidity which annoy's me because e should know what he is doing.
not to mention he doesn't speak english well.

if anyone has experinced something like this and has any advice or can possile point some resourcefull information my way i would really appreciate this.
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Hi, what a lot to worry about! You didn't say if Enzo's neutered, which could explain (if he isn't) why he goes nuts overnight, because his instincts are telling him to go out and be macho man, so definitely get him done if he isn't. If he is tho', then even if it started before the puppies came, his life has been stressful (quiet few mos. or not) and he might have some brain damage, but also might just be trying to be #1 in the place, which happens - cats are very hierarchal and we've had to live through the process each time one gets older, the young one decides it's time to take over and it's just a war zone for part of the time. But in a way you're lucky (yes!) because it happens at a specific time of day, so I'd try to isolate him (or everyone else) at those times, with his own box, water, etc. But do get him spayed if he isn't! Good luck.
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Yes Enzo's been fixed they all have. I figured it might have something to do with what he's been thru and also possibly trying to become the alpha.

Like he doesn't mind playing with the other cats but on his terms otherwise it's i'm going to hurt you and get away.

Also noticed more lately he seems to get real jealous when i'm petting him and another cat comes to me for attentin then that really irritates him.

But it just makes things so difficult he's already drawn blood on me twice today .
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You really should take him to a vet to rule out health problems. As you probably know, cats hide their illnesses any way they can. Is there really no other vet in your area?
Oh, and bringing you the prey as gift is very normal and quite complimentary. Mine do it all the time.
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