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Hi, The other cats are learning to leave Missy alone till she is done, all but Tuffy, I have never got mad at Tuffy before but I did the other day, When he wants to do something he does it and he won't give up. I would push him away and say NO real stern and he would look at me with big angry eyes as if to say "I am doing what I want when I want so there" and be right back in Missy's dish. He is polite about eating with Missy and don't push her away or anything But Missy gets up set and gives up then the rest of them finish off her food.

Missy did eat a bunch of soft treats tonight without to much problem so maybe the medicine is making her feel a little better. Also Missy and Angel were chasing each other all over the house tonight so I think she is doing good.

Is there a average age that cats live that don't have any major health problems in there life? Is Missy out of the ordinary to be going on 19 years old and doing pretty good yet? Someone tried to tell me that cats live to be 40 years old sometimes and I thought to myself dream on.
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Poor Missy. Fingers crossed for her - I know someone who's cat had to have a dental at 19, and he came through (although the vet did only give him a 50-50 chance) - they used a lighter anaesthetic on him.
MissyandSpikesMom - cats with no teeth can eat dry food perfectly well, so if she wants it, I would let her have it. I have had 2 cats with no teeth at all now (one at the bridge, one still with me), and both would have sulked if I hadn't given them biscuits - Ginger is the kind of cat who would go for the bowl of biscuits rather than the supermeat after a dental though.
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Good news, last night Yvonne watched Missy eating the dry food and today I watched her eat the dry nutro and seemed to do fine. So I hope whatever her problem was is getting better and we won't have to do anything with her teeth, at least not right now. But then again if she should have some work done it probably should be done before she gets any older.
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Way to go sweet Missy.

At Missy's age...to go ahead with the surgery would be a tough decision.
If you feel that your vet is qualified and you trust his judgment..
you should discuss what he feels would be the best treatment for her and why.

You might consider starting another thread -- "anesthesia in older cats?"... or something like that, because it is probably the biggest risk she would face.

I will be sending positive thoughts your way.
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Yeah....... I have been letting my Miss Missy eat some dry catfood, as I figured she seems to be doing OK with it, and it makes my little furbaby happy!
I hope your Missy gets through the anesthesia really well.
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Yeah Missy - way to go girl
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Here is a new picture of the old lady Missy.
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