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Getting a New Puppy?

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I think we will be getting a new puppy soon. (We've been on the list for Lab rescue and Golden Retriever rescue for a while now, but a friend works with someone whose Golden had puppies and is going to "euthanize them" if they can't give them away." (like I believe that, but anyway)

I have a 7 year old lab mix, male, and 3 adult cats. Do you think it matters if we get a male or female? I know if we were getting an adult dog, we probably would have gotten a female due to dominance issues. What do you think? Thanks all!
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female .... I my experience evan fixed males need to be raised together ( ie both still puppys) to truly get along without at least one female in there "pack"
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Yes, I would reccomend a female as well-- males are usually more dominant and playful as pups than the girls- they tend to chill out more If you have a chance to go check em' out in their surroundings you would get a better idea of their temperments and how they interact with the other pups and momma dog. But golden retrievers are good family dogs to begin with- so either way I'm sure it will turn out to be a great dog male or female
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I would get opposite sex as well.
This makes me sick, however, that these people are BYB'ing it up and then threatening others to take on their problem.

I have a huge problem with supporting their actions and would likely continue the rescue route (or would adopt a lab or lab puppy mix from a shelter) first instead of taking one of these puppies.
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True, these people are byb-ing it up but how can you say no to a puppy, especially if their lives are threatened? It's not the puppies fault. True there are plenty of beautiful dogs in the shelter, but this(these) little ones need a home too- no matter where they came from. I'd take one in a heartbeat, if someone said they were going to put them to sleep byb or not.
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It is a hard situation because of that. I don't quite understand why the dog is pregnant, because supposedly the woman didn't WANT the dog to get pregnant. So why didn't she spay her? But I agree it's not the puppies' fault. So we'll see what happens.
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Ooh female, it's usually the best idea to have one of each.

But then again, it may not be a problem if you get a male. Of the labs I've known (and those who have owned me ) they seem to be accepting of everyone. My two couldn't care less if another dog is male or female, they just want to play! The labs I've seen at my local dog park are the same way.

But then, you know your current dog better than I do

IMO, get the one you fall in love with, and then make sure it is known in your house that YOU are the alpha dog. Then spend equal time with each one seperately from day one so jealousy/dominance issues have less of a chance to rear their ugly head. The important thing is both dogs need to bond to you first before they bond to each other. If they bond to each other first, you are in for a world of annoyance when one has to go to the vet and the other destroys your house because he was left home without his buddy. I've seen it happen. It's not pretty.

If you establish yourself as the alpha from the outset, you wont have any (or as many) dominance problems when they get older either. My current dogs knew from the outset that they were not the alpha dogs from day one and now they are the most well behaved pups on the block. This is not to say they spend their lives cowering in the corner or anything - quite the contrary actually, everyone always mentions how happy and excited they are. But they know what mom says goes and they dont even bother to try and dominate each other.

If you do get another male, I'd look into NILIF training to keep everyone's attitudes in check. It's quite helpful and very fun! Actually, I'd look into it anyway...male or female. It's excellent training.
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