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DT Friday

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Since nobody's started this, yet, guess I will. Happy Friday, everyone! My week started out, pretty rocky but, I think everything's going to be OK, now. Got a fun weekend planned: County Fair AND an air show! Many thanks, to all of you, who were so supportive, during the bad days. I'm not sure what I would have done, without this site.
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I am feeling antsy today. I don't know why. No big plans for the weekend - hubby has to work tomorrow. Trying to get Monday off work to take Striker to the vet - hubby has the day off and it is a 2 person job getting Striker to the vet. He is terrified of the vet and freaks out in the carrier. He still hasn't recovered from last years trip. He is very distrustful. He has always been timid, but more so since the last visit. We dropped by the vet to see how we can calm him down. The gave us sleeping pills to try. He gave us a few to that we can try how they work. 1st we had to catch him - he hates being held so we had to trick him with cat nip. Finally go one in him and he got so wobbley - it was hilarious, yet sad. He is more approachable with the pill in him - he actually lets us touch him, which he normally doesn't do. We'll see how it goes Monday!
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I think I will stay home out of harm's way today. I have already dropped a can of peaches on my foot and rammed the corner of a cookie sheet into my ribs while I was coming throught the door with it. My foot is all swollen and blue, but oddly enough, it doesn't hurt. I have a triangle shaped bruise developing on my rib cage. I almost hope they don't need me at work today. I twisted the same ankle I dropped the peaches on going down the steps yesterday to go to work. I'm not usually accident prone. Maybe it's the full moon. Hope everybody else has a wonderful Friday!
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I am really glad it's finally Friday! All of the Avalanche games have started at 8:00 this week (last night was 7:30 but went into overtime), which means they didn't get over until 11:00. I am so tired!:sleep3: I sound so old! LOL

Don't have any big plans for the weekend. I'm hoping to stay home from the club Saturday since none of my friends are going this week, but Hubby will probably start whining about how tired he is at the end of the night, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, it's just a load of fun to sit at a night club alone, drinking alone, for over 5 hours. He's a gemini so it's all about him.

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend everyone!
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HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I have to finish up my english homework before I leave work today, but other than that I have nothing else to do. I don't really have any plans yet for the weekend. Hubby and I might find someplace to go tonight. As usual I have cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping to look forward to. Have a good day everyone! :daisy:
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Doing yard work today, and have daycare kids here. So not much time to sit and type.

But, I wanted to wish everyone here a happy and safe weekend!
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Well, I took some allergy medicine last night because my hayfever is getting worse. And I still feel tired and wanting to go to bed. I took a production test on Outlining and I passed.

Yuppi! I get to work all next week, except for Monday and the weekend. Since its getting warmer, the store has been busy with customers buying beer, fountain drinks, and slurpees. My favorite drink is the Cafe Coolers.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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We have a lovely huge picture window in the living room. It starts about 8" above the floor, and outside of it is a holly hedge so nobody breaks in. It's bird season so all these birds keep flying in and out of the bush. both Blackie and Fred like to lay under there, so I hope it's just a territory thing not really a nesting thing, I'm sure it smells like cats under there. Anyway, all 3 boys have been fascinated, sitting behind the window ledge with just their eyes peeping up at the birds. Very cute.

I have my daughter this weekend, so we'll be busy doing some fun stuff. But tonight our apartment complex does "parent's night out" so I'm gonna run a few errands and spend some time at the bookstore, since those are hard to do with a child.
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Worked today until 5, and came home to a steak dinner my boyfriend had made for us!! And on top of that, he also did my grocery shopping, so I could just come home, and not have to do anything else tonight!! What a sweetheart. Have a few things coming up this weekend. I am getting my tatoo tomarrow at 4, and on Sunday I have my best friend's son's b-day to go to, then I have a b-day dinner for my boyfriend's grandmother to attend as well. Busy, busy, busy. For tonight, I think I will go out with a few of my girlfriends and hit the bar! I need it after the week I've had.
Have a perfect weekend everyone!!!!!!
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I am done with work and have the whole weekend off! YIPPIE! MY s/o also has the weekend off and we are going to spend time with each other and friends. (and of course the kitties!)
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