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My favorite poem I've written so far

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"My Dream"

I don't wannabe told to wake up.
I don't wannabe told to face it.
I'll gladly sleep my life away,
pass out and say " it!"
Go on ahead without me.
Please just leave me behind.
I wanna live in this dream,
this beautiful dream of mine.
There's no one here to hurt me.
At last I can finally smile.
There's nothing here but beauty.
Please just let me stay for awhile.
I feel so happy here.
Why does it have to be just a fantasy?
Why can't none of this be real?
Why is it all just a dream?
I'm finally with the one I want.
I finally don't feel alone.
I no longer feel the need to rant.
I'm finally complete and whole.
I have with me all my friends,
who lived in far lands.
We are all together.
Please let this last.
Don't wake me up let it be forever!
I don't want this happiness to end!
I still end up opening my eyes.
Again I'm back to reality.
I see the bright sun rise,
as all my pain returns to me.
I find that I am still alone.
I'm still incomplete.
Let me remain home.
Let me go back to sleep.
Let me live in,
my dream.
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I like that poem. I can sympathize.
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You are a very talented writer!! That is a really good poem!!
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Thanks so much ^_^
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Originally Posted by gemlady
I like that poem. I can sympathize.
Me too. That IS a great poem. I see why it's your favorite.
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Mine is actually a composite of several that I've written:


Throughout history
Men have fought battle after battle
wars, actions, counter attacks

fought and died

or lived for a reason

Something causes men to thrust themselves into the
Arms of the Angel of Death or face

The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse,
The Dogs of War.

Is it to preserve an ideal

a way of life

force upon the loser a change
not wanted

some bit of land in payment

is it to wear proudly on the breast a colored cloth symbol

or is it stirring music that instills into the inner mind:

Honor Bravery Cowardice
Fear hopelessness Courage

Something causes men to

leave behind comrades, wives, lovers.
and that something will cause
someone else to carry on the battle.....

to the death.

Felton Green 2002

The Wall

I have felt the pain, anguish and agony of loss
while standing at the Wall

Hot boiling tears have flowed from my eyes
helping to release the pent up fury of emotions
that threaten to engulf me. Bury me. Overwhelm
with memories

the loss of comrades-in-arms
who returned home the hero

in a box

while we were scorned and spat upon by those
for whom we were willing to lay down our lives
to protect to guard to allow
that peaceful sleep the protected must endure:

Most of us willingly came

to die to survive as the whims

of fate played dice with our futures

we grieve at a long black wall of names

trying to understand why the loss

why the madness

the sacrifice affects us all.

is it: Glory




what drove us to the brink
to stare death in the face

and die

or live.

We may never know why
we went or we may
wonder at the reason
but now we mourn in silence

O'er Lost Comrades.

Felton Green 2002


Band members fidget
check their instruments

Color Guards talk quietly amongst themselves
the crowd grows

A company of riflemen inspect the shine of shoes
the dignitaries glance around\t\tuneasy of the attention
the Flag and banners flutter in the breeze\t

waiting for the homecoming

those honored return from distant shores

all are silent

muffled drums beat
each are escorted off
awaiting caissons travel slowly
the final resting place awaits.


Felton Green 2002

Memorial Day 2002

Fireflies awaken from the winter night
to dance amid the moonlight of memories
formed long ago

of young

who go off to defend the peaceful twilight
ripped later with the red glare and shards of pain,
however brief or long their death withstood.

Many are those who remember that smile
that invincibility of youth knowing
what they did is for the good of all


later tremble as that mournful sounding trumpet
announces that another has fallen.

Carried home upon the shield of freedom

in Honor.

Many who helped carry home those fallen
remember the taste of freedom
differently then the protected
and pay homage

wishing it were they
silent among those peaceful rows of flags

wracked not with the guilt of life

Alive to remember the smile
the laugh and joy
of freedoms shadow cast
by the Tree of Liberty.

Felton Green 2002

Who is your Hero?

Who do you look up to in this life?
Who do you find to be the person
that you want your daughter or son to follow?
Who is that person that you remember?

Is it the man awarded the Medal of Honor
because he valued the lives of his comrades more than his own when he protected them from the bullets and shrapnel with his body?
Does the life and personal sacrifice of a small woman who moved the world
strike a chord deep within your soul that resonates each and every time you
think of what Mother Theresa did throughout her life?
Is the politician shot from near or far that
someone who you most remember?
does the hero
run for 2000 yards
hit 80 homeruns

Why do the athletes and not the quiet gladiators win
the hearts of so many?

The doctor who saves millions…

The Nurse who started it all…

The chemist who did the same…

The man who walked upon the moon…

The soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen…

are forgotten, underpaid and most neglected
when they gave their lives for you?

Do you remember the names of the astronauts who died?
Do you know anyone who walks amidst a peaceful war in Kosovo?
Have you ever visited the Wall or walked through a national cemetery?
Have you ever thanked a doctor or nurse for giving of themselves?

and have you ever thanked the man
who gave his life for you
so that you may live?

Who is your hero?

Felton Green 2002

I Sleep at Night

Somewhere outside my bedroom; outside my house;
stand thousands of men and women

on the wall;

watching for intruders; guarding the ramparts
defending their country;
volunteers all
Defending against all enemies, foreign and domestic
To Protect and to Serve

often called names, shown great disrespect
they don't get rich, but they do enrich our lives
standing atop that wall

I stood there long
Expressing how I feel, Expressing my 1st Amendment Rights
Letting others sleep at night

and sometimes
I awaken in the morning;

I read that one or more has fallen;
In the Line of Duty
So that I can sleep at night

A sharp pain strikes
I get lost in private thoughts, I silently weep,

Another has died for me

So that I can sleep at night

I weep

Felton Green 2002

I am Willing

Walking through row after row after row after row
of white marble stones
that reflect a name, rank and war,

I see the many faces I used to know,

gone to a homecoming long ago
I tried to forget

I see thousands of faceless people
mostly men, but interspersed by women,
of those who stood tall and said

“I am willing to die for my country”

“I am willing to fight to keep it free”

“I am willing to let you stay at home
while I suffer pain and death”

“I am willing to stand against the cold
of night and get frozen waiting for the horde
to come with bugle and wailing voice”

“I am willing to slide into the stony depths
of water to keep your family safe”

“I am willing to leave my family home
while Christmas comes and goes”

“I am willing to become a faceless quadriplegic
needing help with everything I do”

“I am willing to let you denigrate
my passion for your freedom to call me what you will”

“I am willing to lay unremembered in
some cemetery overseas or here at home”

“I am willing to keep the suffering away from
your happy home”

“I am willing to die for my country
and to keep it free”

and I continue the slow walk through
row after row after row after row and
faceless names talk to me
telling me their tales of war ….

that I have tried to forget


I remember that I once stood tall and said

“I am willing…..”


I lived while they died

and finally

I am willing to remember them

for the sacrifice they have made for me

and thank each and every one
with the tears that are flowing down my face

Felton Green 2002
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Beautiful poems, Felton! I particularly like "Who is your hero?"
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