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I got my wedding dress!!!

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I am so happy!! I just have to share!!!
It's so perfect. It's champagne, which looked a LOT better with my complexion than white. And it has Swarovski crystals all over it, as does the veil and jewelry. It's just perfect! I love it. And...it's a two-peice, so I can wear the bodice again.
I still have to get it fitted, cleaned and pressed, and have the bustling hooks put in, but I'll do that closer to the date.

Here's the front:

And some close-ups:
The lacing in the back:

The lace on the train:

The veil/jewelry combo:
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You are going to make a beautiful bride. Congratulations.
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That is GORGEOUS!! And YOU look even more gorgeous in the dress!!!
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What a stunning wedding dress. You'll look a million dollars on your special day. Congrats!
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Oh it's ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I love it! It's perfect! The lacing up the back is ooooh sooo perfect! I might have to dig it out, but I'm almost positive I have a picture of myself at my first fitting with the same expression on my face as you do in the first picture. BTW...I love the champagne color dresses! Mine was Ivory, white made me look sickly and brought out every pimple scar I ever had.
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I love your dress - its BEAUTIFUL!!
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I love the beadwork! That dress is gorgeous and you look great in it. Congratulations!
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Its beautiful!!!

The combination of everything is wonderful!!

Well done!!!
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Wow it's very beautiful, Congrats to you
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I love it! You look beautiful in it!!!!

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that's one beautiful bride!!
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aww its beautiful!
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That is a beautiful dress and you look gorgeous in it! I love the detail on the train!
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man, you definitely look a million bucks!! Tell me it cost less than that though!! Congrats - you'll looks absolutely stunning on your day!
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What a pretty dress! i know you are more excited than you look in the first picture! I just think its so funny that all the women I have seen in pictures of when they find their perfect dress look so blah!! I know they are tired of trying on dress after dress but its funny that so many of us share that same expression!
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Absolutely gorgeous!!
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WOW! That is a gorgeous dress, and you look great in it!
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Pretty dress!
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You look so beautiful in that dress!! you must be so excited for the big day!
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What a beautiful dress AND bride-to-be! I bet it'll bustle beautifully. What's your wedding countdown?
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Gorgeous! You're going to look stunning!
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Pretty, pretty, pretty...just as I love looking at other's diamonds (or the stone they preferred to have for their engagement/wedding rings) I love looking at wedding dresses...the lace work, fabric used etc.
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Very beautiful dress! You'll look so stunning on your big day!
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OMG I know how excited you must be! I'm getting mine at the end of the month . I completely agree on color. Mine is ivory as it better accents a fair complection than white. I always thought I would get a white dress but had no idea how much better the off color looked.
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*sigh* all you weddingn talkers make me more and more anxious for the proposal!!
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Gorgeous! Gorgeous! You're right...the champagne color is perfect with your skin tone.
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Beautiful dress! I love the lacing in the back.
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That's a really pretty dress. You look great!
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It's completely & totally *PERFECT* !
What a beautiful bride you will be!!!!

How much longer?
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