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Hate Hate Relationship

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Please help.

Punkin has NEVER liked other animals. He LOVES people but other animals well, he attacks them and tries to eat them. Including our two black labs. Since Punkin is so aggressive towards them, they naturally are aggressive towards him.

When the dogs are in the house, Punkin has to be confined to a bedroom with the door closed. My dogs spend most of their time in the house, so punkin only is able free access to the rest of the house while DH and i are at work and at night. While this does not really seem to upset Punkin, it upsets me A LOT. I want to be able to enjoy my dogs and Punkin all at the same time. How do you introduce a cat (who by the way hasn't had to share attention in 11 years) to two big lovable dogs? We have tried introducing them before and it is NOT a pretty sight. Hissing barking fur flying.....

Please help!
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Hope these help some
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Do your best, but sometimes animals just won't get along. I have two friends who keep their cats and dogs totally separate...both of whom have multiple animals. One has 5 Great Danes upstairs, all of them rescues, and MANY cats downstairs. Another friend has about 6 cats in one room, and several dogs with run of the house. It is possible, and if kitty is happy in one room, that is ok!

At my house, no matter who is being the agressor, the dog is not allowed to go after the cats. Dogs are pack animals, and should be obedient to the humans, and are very happy being low on the social totem pole. Cats want to be in charge, and do not obey humans for the most part.

Can you close off the kitty's room so he can come and go but the dogs can't? Maybe if he knows there is a room to retreat to, he will feel less agressive towards the dogs.
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When I first adopted my dog I kept him in one room of the house with a baby gate in front of it.

He was ok with cats, but the cats had had no exposure to dogs, and most all dogs will instinctually chase a cat if it runs.
He was allowed to interact with them around the house while leashed.
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Thanks so much!! My Husband always took the "They will work it out themselves" attitude and i don't subscribe to that theory. The websites were so helpful! Thanks again!
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wow i dont feel so alone nonw i also have a male cat thats 11 years old who will go all out and try and take on my 85 pound german shepherd. Sometimes the cat is fine other time he turns into a monster and tryies to take the dog out.
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it's taken my cats 10 months to accept the dog.

it takes time..

I hope you get there in the end
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