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Fat or growing girl?

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Is there a way to tell if a kitty is growing too fast, as in getting fat rather than growing normally?

Drusilla was 5lbs in December when she was spayed. She's definetly bulked up since then and I'd guess she's closer to 10 now. A lot of my family members keep commenting on how "fat" she is, but she has no drooping belly, she gets a handful (so probably like 1/2 a cup) of kibble a day, but she does like to steal Tara's food as well, so maybe she's getting double that. But she's incredibly lazy anymore as well. She's started to see the older kitty ways of sleeping all day.

Here's a link to a photo of her I took about 20 minuts ago

She'll be exactly 10 months old on Saturday. I don't really see her as fat, but I know how easily it sneaks up and I don't want to suddenly be stuck with a 40lb blimp of a kitten. She did have worms up un til she was 8 months old, so I guess perhaps she just recently started getting all the proper nutrients and shot up but I'm terrible at guessing what is "right" weight and such. The vet is too busy and expensive to go bother him to simply ask a silly question like this, so I figured perhaps you experts would at least be able to give a guess and say she either appears normal or she is much too big or something.
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she looks fine but check this chart and check with your vet..
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What a stunning little girl!!

She looks absolutely fine to me
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You sound like me! I've been having the same concerns about my Hannah as well. She's about the same age as your Dru. Dru looks great to me!!
I've been trying to limit Hannah's food and play with her more.

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She doesn't look fat to me at all!
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She looks normal to me. I've noticed that as my cats get older, they stop having that long and thin element and stock up a bit- it seems to happen from age 8 months to 12 months. Ask your vet at the next visit if her weight is appropriate for her size. I wouldn't make an new appt unless she gains a lot, and and shows signs of obesity.
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10-12 lbs is a normal weight for a cat.
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She is definitely not fat at this point. She's filling out because she's done with her major growth period but she doesn't seem to have any "gut" at all.

10# is well within normal limits for a 10 month old's weight but weight really is just a number. It's just like with people. Is someone who weighs 150# overweight? Obviously you can't tell without more information! It's the same with cats. A 10# cat with a very small frame may be overweight or a 10# large framed male cat may be underweight. But your cat looks like she's just about perfect.
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