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I need advice about two of my cats.

I have 4 cats all together. Two are just fine and not overgrooming, the other two are overgrooming. The long haired-tortieshell overgrooms mainly her hip bone areas, and the other tiger, short haired boy overgrooms all over--and it's very disturbing to me...because he has blotches of fur missing and there are scabs. So I guess this would be on the verge of self mutilating too?

Anyway, they aren't under stress at all, and it's just these two who do it. The vet just gives them a shot to make them feel better, but they continue to do it. The vet doesn't know what to say.

I was thinking it could be genetic? as they are related...I couldn't think of anything else because the two other cats don't sdo it at all...advice?
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I would get a second opinion from another vet. There are many different reasons for fur pulling.overgrooming. There could be stress you aren't aware of, it could be a food allergy, flea allergy or some underlying medical condition. I have a fur puller that pulls because of fleas, stress and food allergies. I can keep it under control most of the time, but it does flare up occasionally.
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Has the vet tried more than one intervention? Was the shot given the same medication each time?

I would try another vet first, because surely there are other meds. Also, maybe it is an allegy problem...you could try changing the food. And regarding stress, it is very hard to know what stresses a cat. I would try some Feliway spray, too.
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I give my cat medicated baths and they help alot. But my vet said my cat pulls her hair out because of stress. She did not have fleas. I am happy with the results from the medicated baths.
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