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Brain Overload!

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Life is so busy at the moment for me. I am working lots of hours at work, but had to call in sick yesterday because of sinus pain - there is a head cold going around town at the moment.

School keeps me busy, studying lots of chemisty, which I have really gotten into, but some things elude me right now so that means extra study. I love doing things in the lab, we haven't blown anything up yet, bugger. Well, we did burn some magnesium yesterday and that is always fun.

Work is very busy because of the census we are having at the moment, and for some reason there is always a lot of mail - don't ask me why, I would have thought since theres email, there wouldnt be that much mail but nope, not the case.

My 5 year old boy keeps me busy - when I am home for once, we spend all that time together, and they are moments to treasure.

The cat quarantine has been booked, I am in the process of getting the permits, I just need to get the rabies titre results sent to the MAF and hopefully they will get the permits! I am so excited to be seeing my furbabies again!

Jake will be here in 2 months. That is not long at all! The past 2 months have really flown and so I know the next 2 months will fly!

There is so much happening in my life, sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed but I stop and think how lucky I am. Because I really am lucky.
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It's terrific that things are going so well for you, despite being so busy with your son, work, and school (not to mention the red tape you're dealing with). You're right - two months fly by.
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Kellye, I have to give you a thumbs up on how your handling everything!
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That is a truly awesome attitude!! Keep up that spirit and time will fly right by!!!!
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