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We're Moving...again

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Yay! We found a place! We'll be moving to Longmont on 4/1/06. We can start moving our stuff over into the garage in a week, so we won't need to rent a U-Haul.

So, we'll put off buying a house for a year, let the $$ earn some interest, and figure out at our leisure where we want to buy.

The new landlord knows all about our cats and is fine with it, she is going to put in the lease, she is ok with us having 39 cats in the house.

Cool stuff about the new place: it is within walking distance (about 3 blocks) of a 7-11 convienience store and a supermarket. There is a small strip mall about a mile away with a Petsmart/Banfield. There is a huge mall about 3 miles away with a Target, Walmart, JC Penney's and all sorts of restaurants, and a multiplex theatre. It's closer to my work, about 20 minutes as opposed to 45 minutes currently. There is a fenced in yard with an area that they used as a dog run, which they are ok with us roofing over with netting/chicken wire to make an outdoor cat enclosure.
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Are you still going to pursue getting licensed as a rescue?
My MIL did and it has saved her a ton of money.
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Congratulations on your new place .
So glad you found something that will accept your entire family .
Sounds like you have a good Landlord this time. Best of luck to you!
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Yes, we're still going to go after the licensing, but we won't be as rushed into it as we would have been if we'd fought to stay here til the end of the lease.
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that's great news

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Sue thats excellent news!

Does the landlord like cats for being ok with 39 of the little beauties
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They have 4 there right now. There is some carpet, but we were told, it's not in the best shape and they don't care if they need to tear it up in the future.

They know we have a rescue and think that's great.

This may turn into a potential rent-to-own or purchase in the future. The landlord is in a bind where she needed to rent the place out ASAP or lose it to foreclosure. Having been there myself so recently, I understand her plight. I am glad we were able to work together and make it work for all concerned!
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I am so happy for you! I haven't been on much or long enough to reply to many threads but I have seen your thread and thought about you guys a lot and I am so glad that everytihng worked out.

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This is just fantastic. Sounds like everything has worked for the best, and this gives you some time to sort out what you want to do rather than being forced into decisions.
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Sue, sounds like things are really coming together! I dont know where I"ve been though......I didn't realize you had 39 cats!!! Where do you keep them??
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:hug to Kellye:

Thanks, hon.

I am psyched. There are also busses and trains, not to mention so much in walking distance, that Tybalt can get a job soon after we move. Thank god!
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Congratulations, Sue - that's great news. I really like the sound of everything being so close (especially work). I guess your current landlord's reneging on the deal has turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
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That's awesome news Sue! It sounds like you have all your ducks in a row for a fresh start.
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I'm so happy that house worked out for you guys!! It really sounds just perfect.
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Congratulations! That's awesome news!
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Oh you could just tell the landlord liked cats when you said she was ok with it Lovely woman!!!
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Great news! isn't it wonderful when things start working out? 39 cats!!?? Holy Hairballs Batman! I know your sig said "mom to a whole bunch of cats" but I didn't know it was that many! Litter box duty must be fun The more the merrier though!
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Yippy.. I know right about where from when I lived outside Longmont....
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Good for you! It can be very very hard to find a place to let you rent with even just one or two cats. My mom's landlord won't even let her have a hamster! That's why I like owning, I'm limited only by the village, which doesn't care!

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That sounds like a great end to what I know has been quite a headache for you- and you'll be closer to work, and a mall! Awesome. Congrats, you certainly deserve it.
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Great for you both and for the kits! let us see pix when you can of your new place.
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Yay! Soooo happy for you!
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A landlord with a heart.
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Oh that is so awesome! Almost a blessing in disguise with all the new benefits of the place. I am sooo happy for you. And I'm happy to hear you are still going for licensing to become an official resource. That is very awesome too!
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Originally Posted by jcat
Congratulations, Sue - that's great news. I really like the sound of everything being so close (especially work). I guess your current landlord's reneging on the deal has turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
exactly what i was thinking! congratulations!
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Yeah Sue!!! So good to hear that you found a great place to live for a while. We're also moving on 4/1, but I guess I'm fortunate to be moving only 13 cats and 2 dogs. Funny, my friends from the Denver area have offered to drive here with about 6 cat carriers to help us move. I own 7 myself but figure they all wouldn't fit in my car anyway.

Keep us up on how the move is going. We're thinking of getting a POD, pack it here and have them move it on the 1st. We don't have the garage to put things in prior to the move.
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I'm so glad you found something more accommodating. While the mountains are really picturesque, the fire season looks bad this year. I think you will be more comfortable down here on the plains.

Now we just have to figure the new date for the Colorado TCS get together.
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Very happy for you! It's so good to hear that things worked out for the best!
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Sounds wonderful!!!
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You sure are having a run of good luck!!! Hope the move goes smoothly..
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