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Uh oh...Fafeena's got another hernia!

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Fafeena is the 12 year old cat we got spayed about a month ago. Last Wednesday, she got a hernia fixed. After the vet fixed the first one, she developed yet another. He thinks her intestinal lining is so thin it breaks eaily. He told me if she developed another one, he could open her up & see if he can fix it, then he could euthanize her if he couldn't fix it. I checked her tummy this morning & she has another hernia. Her stitches look moist, but I think she was licking them before I checked her.

Can she live with a hernia? Will it eventually kill her? I know she is old, but she has been enjoying the housecat life. She has been in the dog crate & I have been walking her around the house(no jumping or running) once a day. Mostly, she lays around. I got her weight under control & she is finally looking healthy for a 12 year old cat. I am waiting until the vet gets back into his office to talk to him personally. I have to be gone this afternoon & that is when he will be in, so Fafeena will have to wait until tomorrow for him to look at her. I don't want to do anything yet until I figure out what I am dealing with. If she can live with the hernia, I might just leave her be. She has had a spay surgery & 2 surgeries to fix hernias(one right after another) in the past month. It isn't fair to her to have to fix a hernia everytime she heals up from the previous surgery to fix a hernia.

What do I do here? Any advice? I don't know much about hernias, but if I remember correctly, people can live with one for awhile. I can do whatever necessary to keep her alive, but I don't think I can keep putting her through one surgery after another. One of these times, she won't make it through one.
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I beleive it depends where a hernia is .. as to living with it .. I personally have a hiatal one that only gets problematic when the tummy flu hits ... Gigi my doghas a tiny one and the vet said not an issue.. I beleive Frankie is getting a suspected one worked on today..
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I'm sorry for you and Fafeena-sending many wellness vibes your way {{{}}}

sorry I don't know anything about hernias
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