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How well can you spell?

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spelling quiz
I got 7/10
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I went 10/10! English, reading and spelling were, always, my strong subjects. Just don't ask me to try more than basic math, though!
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I got 9/10. I always loved english, so how come I'm a research scientist? At least writing skills come in handy when you're trying to get grant money.
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"You got 6/10 correct."
I'm proud, since English isn't my mother tongue....
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URGH! Only 6 out of 10! And I used to be an English tutor. Oh well - that is what spell check is for.
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9 out of 10 for me
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6/10 for me! Some of those words I don't recognize at all. But I love English and spelling. At least is not math!
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Got them all- wish I was that good in math! lol
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6/10 - ok that is why I can't live without spell check..
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I got 5 out of 10. Some of those words, I've never even heard of!
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8/10.....I thought I would have done better than that.
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I knew I goofed up "sacrilegious" because I always want to put "religious" in it.

But I never even heard that last word before, so getting it right was kind of a fluke!
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Sarah, don't feel bad, I scored 5/10 too. Although I am not surprised at my score.
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I got 7/10 too Tigger!
we are both on the same level! LOL~
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